Team KKK Lawyers Up To Fight Team Proud Boys

It looks like two Alt Right extremists will be battling it out in court. Tom Retzlaff has now engaged a lawyer to represent him in the lawsuit filed against him by Jason Van Dyke. Van Dyke claims Tommy got him fired from his job by contacting his employers and telling them Van Dyke was a Nazi. Jason wants 100 million dollars in damages. 100 Million dollars… someone sure thinks highly of themselves. After the suit was filed, Retlzaff contacted Van Dyke to generously offer to let Van Dyke drop the suit against Retzlaff if Van Dyke paid him $75,000. That … Continue reading Team KKK Lawyers Up To Fight Team Proud Boys

Husband Of Texas Lawyer Dorrell Wanted For Theft

    So much seems to be happening lately it seems like there’s a full moon every day. The crazies are definitely active right now. So the latest is that Jeffrey Dorrell’s husband is wanted for theft in Texas. Dorrell,  you’ll remember, was the lawyer in Neal Rauhauser’s ill advised lawsuit against Bullyville aka James McGibney, and most recently, is the lawyer for Tom Retzlaff in the insane lawsuit filed against him by Jason Van Dyke. Dorrell’s husband, Michael Centeno, has quite a rap sheet with arrests for drugs and forgery. Now he’s added theft to that list. According to … Continue reading Husband Of Texas Lawyer Dorrell Wanted For Theft

Timeline Of Neo Nazi Zeiger

Charles Zeiger, a major player in the Alt Right world, was recently doxed as Gabriel Sohier Chaput, a French Canadian living in Quebec.  Gabriel Chaput A prolific writer who also did numerous internet radio shows, Chaput probably had the most influence in shaping the current White Nationalist movement, including its use of violence. It was Chaput who promoted the Florida based neo-Nazi group, Atomwaffen Division, which is responsible for the murder of five people. In the fall of 2017, Chaput and Atomwaffen Division appeared to disappear from the internet. Below the break is Chaput’s timeline as Zeiger when he was writing for … Continue reading Timeline Of Neo Nazi Zeiger

Happy Birthday; Retzlaff Sends Van Dyke A Gift; April 3rd, 2017

  April 3rd was Jason Van Dyke’s birthday. To help him celebrate turning 38, Tom Retzlaff sent a letter to Van Dyke trying to extort him into dropping his law suit. Yeah, that’s nuts, but it’s typical Retzlaff.  He’s threatening to file a counter suit and tie Van Dyke up in courts for years unless he gets paid $75,000.  Retzlaff is alleging Van Dyke filed a SLAPP suit, an acronym for Strategic Lawsuit Against Citizen Participation, which is a lawsuit filed to silence someone. A lot of states have adopted legal remedies called anti-SLAPP lawsuits in order to prevent such … Continue reading Happy Birthday; Retzlaff Sends Van Dyke A Gift; April 3rd, 2017

Retzlaff Loses First Round To Van Dyke

As of yesterday, it looks like the Van Dyke v Retzlaff battle has begun with Van Dyke striking the first blow. After granting Jason Van Dyke a restraining order against Tom Retzlaff, the court received several letters from Retzlaff bitching about the restraining order. None of the letters were passed on to the judge since they were ex parte communications in that Retzlaff, as a party in the suit, was attempting to talk to the judge without the knowledge of the opposing party. That’s not allowed. Those letters backfired even further on Retzlaff since the judge determined they show Retzlaff … Continue reading Retzlaff Loses First Round To Van Dyke

Retzlaff Responds To Jason Van Dyke Restraining Order

This is Retzlaff’s reply to Jason Van Dyke filing a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order against him. Tommy is his usual charming self. I can’t imagine why Van Dyke would try and get a restraining order. This is Thomas Retzlaff, to him a restraining order is an open invitation to stalk. In any case, the court clerk didn’t even bother to give it to the judge since it’s considered an ex parte communication.  A little bird told me though, that by submitting this letter Retzlaff put himself within the jurisdiction of the court. The letter is in an embedded file. … Continue reading Retzlaff Responds To Jason Van Dyke Restraining Order

Mean Texas Lawyer Sues For 100 Million Dollars

Infamous Texas lawyer, Jason Van Dyke, has filed a defamation lawsuit against infamous serial stalker, Thomas Retzlaff. This could be the court case of the century! Both men are litigious RWNJ with reputations for being abusive, so this will be popcorn worthy litigation. It’s highly likely that both men will represent themselves in court and file outlandish motions full of hyperbole and colorful language as they have in the past. Picking a side to root for may be difficult though, since both men are douche bags. I admit to being biased against Retzlaff, since I’m more familiar with his long … Continue reading Mean Texas Lawyer Sues For 100 Million Dollars

Bucky And Neal; April, 2017

I’ve been cleaning out my files and posting things here on Irontroll that are interesting or might be useful in the near future. This conversation took place in April of 2017. Bucky is looking for dirt on James McGibney aka Bullyville. I don’t know of any refund request or refusal other than Marcie herself saying it happened. I thought these tweets were interesting because they show Bucky and Neal were in touch with the admin of the revenge porn website, ViaViewFiles. Continue reading Bucky And Neal; April, 2017

Infamous Birther Zapem Joins Team Siggy

Goodness Gracious! The never ending Siggy Flicker Vinnie Spina Scandal just keeps getting more and more bizarre! The latest development is that infamous Obama Birther and Anti-Semite, Zapem, is the newest member of Team Siggy using an account called @Deplorabelle! We captured just a few of Deplorabelle’s anti-Semitic tweets and posted them down below the break. She doesn’t actually hate Jews, she just thinks they aren’t real Jews. Yes! Imposter Jews! She’s also anti Transgender and anti Gay. Zapem aka Deplorabelle is an old nemesis of IronTroll. Her name is Joanne Joy, she lives in Clark, New Jersey where she’s … Continue reading Infamous Birther Zapem Joins Team Siggy

Comedy Central Owns Lee Stranahan

Lee Stranahan got owned by Kobi Libii of the Comedy Central show The Opposition With Jordan Klepper. Stranahan is known at IronTroll for having been involved in a long and tedious feud between political bloggers, Stacy McCain, William Hoge, Bill Schmalfeldt, Matt Osborne and others. It got pretty nasty with SWATtings, restraining orders and lawsuits. Stranahan is currently writing for Breitbart News. Again. He wrote there before but then quit and then he worked there again but then quit and now he’s back there again until he quits. Right before this latest return to Breitbart, Stranahan was working for the Russian … Continue reading Comedy Central Owns Lee Stranahan