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HOW IT STARTED, HOW IT’S GOING; Proud Boy Joe Biggs, Voices Of the Insurrection

ike all thugs, Proud Boy Joe Biggs was full of bravado until he was caught.

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Rauhauser Makes His Video Debut Today

Neal Rauhauser is getting ready to appear before a Texas judge as I write this. Unless his dog ate his video cam. The video disposition is set for 10 AM this morning, though I’m not sure what time zone they’re using. While we can’t be there, the court will have two stenographers present, one for Neal and one for Bullyville.

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Never Mind… Rauhauser Bailed

What a surprise. Neal Rauhauser will be unable to appear in court tomorrow via video link. Though he had a month’s notice, I guess Neal has been too busy making Skittle graphs and bot accounts for his new social media company (Because his first one, PPST, worked out so well). Or it might be that the people running the verified

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Neal Rauhauser To Appear In Texas Court Friday

Well slap my face and call me Amelia Sanaka! It looks like Neal Rauhauser will finally make his debut in court via video link tomorrow in the Bullyville lawsuit! The hearing tomorrow is to help the court to determine how much Bullyville should pay in legal fees for Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell. According to Dorrell, the legal bill is almost

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