JoJo Ranked #4 Hacker In The World; December 13, 2013

JoJo got a lot of mileage out of his American Hostage campaign. Though he pleaded guilty to being involved in a computer hacking conspiracy at the University of Central Missouri, JoJo recanted after he got out of prison and claimed he was innocent.  In this email written by JoJo admits he did the hacking but only changed his grades. Court documents show that he did a lot more than that, including transferring university funds to his personal student account, and stealing the identities of 90,000 people.  JoJo also mentions that he was rated the 4th best hacker in the world?  I … Continue reading JoJo Ranked #4 Hacker In The World; December 13, 2013

3000 Blog Visits From Israel! had 3000 visits from Israel yesterday but the visitors didn’t read any posts. Instead of trying to hack the blog, they should have actually read a few of the articles on Paulette.  Paulette is Jewish only because her mother is of Portuguese descent. Twenty percent of Brazil’s population has Jewish ancestry as a result of a Jewish diaspora 500 years ago.  Paulette wasn’t raised in the religion nor is she practicing the religion now. Her husband, a member of the far right group, Jewish Task Force, describes her as a “Jewish Christian”.   Neither Paulette or her husband are … Continue reading 3000 Blog Visits From Israel!

Massive Twitter Password Leak; Were You One Of The Millions Locked Out Of Twitter?

Millions of Twitter users have been locked out of their account in the past couple of days due to a massive dark net leak of Twitter account information. A website called LeakSource announced it had found over 32 million Twitter account passwords posted publicly online. is a relatively new site that aggregates information dumps they find on the internet that contain hacked or leaked information that shouldn’t be publicly available.  According to LeakSource, the Twitter accounts and passwords were not leaked by Twitter, the password were leaked via Chrome and Firefox browsers, most likely via malware.  The concept of … Continue reading Massive Twitter Password Leak; Were You One Of The Millions Locked Out Of Twitter?

Phishing Alert!

The Twitter accounts below @swtchks017 and @4evrSin  are operated by the same person. The links in her accounts are malware links as determined by Twitter: Unsafe sites include phishing sites that attempt to steal your login information and password, sites that download malicious software onto your computer, or spam sites that request personal information. The account pages are archived here and here. Phishing scams can, and should, be reported to Homeland Security here   @4evrSin @swtchks017 Continue reading Phishing Alert!

Neal Just Can’t Hold A Job

Neal Rauhauser managed to get a job writing for CryptoCoinsNews and was fired after less than two months.  The surprise here isn’t that Neal was fired but that CCN hired him in the first place. Obviously CCN is Google challenged, a couple minutes on a search engine would have clued him into the assorted warrants for Neal’s arrest, his court case in TX-which is NOT over despite Neal’s claim of a “precedent setting” First Amendment victory-and of course Neal’s chronic status as a deadbeat dad.  CoinFireBlog was the first news source online to report an SEC investigation of GAW Miners … Continue reading Neal Just Can’t Hold A Job

Scamm3rdarkly Gives Hacking Lessons

This is not the smartest conversation to have publicly. @sigoslida @scamm3rdarkly hi, I am solomon… How are u? @scamm3rdarkly @sigoslida very well thank you. my name is henry. @sigoslida @scamm3rdarkly I saw u on here and also ur post and I decided to add you up. I want to learn hw to hack… Can you teach me? @scamm3rdarkly @sigoslida yes i can. are you using windows? @sigoslida @scamm3rdarkly yes I am.. Are you on bbm? @scamm3rdarkly @sigoslida no i have windows phone. the best tool for learning is mantra browser. @sigoslida @scamm3rdarkly ok… Is there anyhow we can always talk… … Continue reading Scamm3rdarkly Gives Hacking Lessons

JoJo NEVER Does Anything Illegal But…

On January 25th, 2014, the gmail accounts of @MyBronyNinja were hacked which led to his Twitter and WordPress blog also being hacked.  Prosecutor Doe, who claimed responsibility for the hacking, is a member of the OpProsecute Family, who  are all alleged to be socks of Joseph Camp.This Imgur Album posted by @MyBronyNinja contains screen shots of the hacking and he also writes about it on his blog MyBronyNinja Press OfficeI would think anyone who’d spent time in prison because of hacking would have the sense to avoid any situation involved with hacking but…. potato Continue reading JoJo NEVER Does Anything Illegal But…