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May The 4th Be With You!

I’ve been watching the assorted hearings going on in Congress, and have been intrigued by what appears to me to be very careful, but deliberate, efforts by Pelosi, Nadler, and others to follow procedure to get answers to their questions many of us still have. There’s a war going on between the House of Representatives and the White House. It’s

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Living in sub tropical South Florida, my very dear friend, Donatella, and I don’t own many sweaters. And of course all of our clothes are beautiful.┬áSo when Ugly Sweater Day comes along it gives us a chance to go shopping! Shopping for the ugliest sweater you can find is truly giggle worthy. There’s no shortage of ugly clothing in the

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Happy Birthday Brandon!

Happy Belated Birthday I should say. I feel so bad that I missed Brandon’s birthday on February 2nd. I guess it was quite the celebration!  To celebrate his 46th birthday, Brandon filed harassment charges on Bullyville and me! Doesn’t that sound like it was fun! I asked the nice police officers in New Braunfels for a copy of the complaint.

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UPDATE: Gay Veterans Will March In St Pats With Rainbows

UPDATE: The council has reversed it’s decision and OutVets will be allowed to march in the 115 year old South Boston Allied War Veterans Council St. Patrick’s Day parade.  It appears there may be problems within the Veteran’s Council though. The screen capture below is from the Facebook page of a group that has withdrawn from the council. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two years

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