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Neal Rauhauser To Appear In Texas Court Friday

Well slap my face and call me Amelia Sanaka! It looks like Neal Rauhauser will finally make his debut in court via video link tomorrow in the Bullyville lawsuit! The hearing tomorrow is to help the court to determine how much Bullyville should pay in legal fees for Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell. According to Dorrell, the legal bill is almost

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Haters Are Just Alternative Fans!

Neal cracks me up. Whenever he thinks he smells blood Neal comes out of hiding and claims to have superior intel about current events and oft times has brought it about through his devious planning and artful machinations. Then things fizzle or backfire, Neal deletes his timeline, locks his blog and disappears. That’s happened so many times. Kimberlin, the Protectors,

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Did Leeann Rimes Hire A Hacker To Harass Kristen Johnston?

Did she or didn’t she? Most everyone is hearing about Brandon King and his trolling of Brandi Glanville for the first time. While there may be questions as to whether Leeann Rimes hired convicted felon Brandon King to harass on her behalf, there is no question that Kristen Johnston was one of King’s targets. Ms. Johnston, known as @KjoTheSmartAss on

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Fox Swedish Expert Nils Bildt At Modus

Update: Since appearing on Fox News and being exposed as a fraud, Nils deleted the Modus World website along with websites of his other endeavors. Not long ago he posted a rambling, incoherent screed about immigrants and Sweden or something…  ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““` Modus World was one of Nils Bildt’s business efforts to cash in on the events of 2015. The web site

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JoJo Writes The FBI

JoJo recently contacted the Colorado office of the FBI with another of his endless FOIA requests.  (JoJo is the only person in history who’s had the United States Government file a restraining order against him to make him stop filing FOIA) JoJo is currently incarcerated while he awaits trial for several felonies. During his bond hearing-where the bond was set

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