Thank You

I want to thank everyone who’s been on my side for the past 19 months. Thanks to those of you who contributed to the defense fund and those of you who offered other types of support. It was, and is, much appreciated. Even though the charges were dismissed, Vinnie is probably looking for blood, so mentioning anyone by name would be setting them up as a target. So to all of you anonymous individuals, thanks for this very nice Christmas gift. Let’s hope that someday Vinnie will be declawed permanently. Also, many thanks to the Law Bros, Vlad and Paul, … Continue reading Thank You

#RHONJ Publicist And New Jersey Court Transcript, April 19th, 2018

This is the transcript from the court hearing on April 19th which followed the March hearing. By this time Siggy’s publicist, Vinnie Spina, has sent a letter to Judge Guzman complaining about a conference the judge had with my lawyer and the prosecutor in the March hearing which resulted in all the bench warrants against me being recalled. She actually asked that Judge Guzman recuse herself from the case after Guzman had been presiding over the case for a year.  The court reporter calls my lawyer Mr Desanko in the transcript, which is the phonetic spelling. His name is Vlad Tyshchenko. … Continue reading #RHONJ Publicist And New Jersey Court Transcript, April 19th, 2018

Court Transcript With RHONJ Publicist, March 22nd 2018

Below is the court transcript from the March 22nd hearing in the harassment cases filed against Shari and myself by Siggy Flicker’s friend and publicist, Vinnie Spina. This hearing addressed the bench warrants that were issued for my arrest. Unfortunately my attorney had to school the judge on what representation means. The “unidentified woman” in the transcript is the complainant, Vinnie Spina. You’ll notice several points in the transcript where Vinnie appears to be trying to take over as prosecutor.  Though she was the complainant, technically, Vinnie Spina was not a party to the case, yet she showed up for every … Continue reading Court Transcript With RHONJ Publicist, March 22nd 2018

Court Case Resumes For Iron Troll And Real Housewives Publicist

Court hearings resume for Iron Troll on Thursday, November 29th, in Paterson, New Jersey, after assorted reviews caused postponements. The case is now in it’s 19th month. The case was expected to be dismissed until the disruption at the last hearing, which resulted in a contempt of court charge against the complainant and sent the case into a review. Continue reading Court Case Resumes For Iron Troll And Real Housewives Publicist

Bullyville Wins Against Rauhauser…Again

The lawsuit between Neal Rauhauser and Bullyville (James McGibney) has been going on for years, making it all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, but that’s where Rauhauser’s petition was denied today. We’ve come a long way from the judgment day when narcoleptic Judge Cosby awarded Rauhauser a million dollars in sanctions, the highest amount ever awarded in an anti-SLAPP suit in the United States, plus over $300,000 in legal fees. I remember Neal telling everyone about his million dollar award, slipping it into conversations on social media, bragging about it in his blog posts, sending out press releases, … Continue reading Bullyville Wins Against Rauhauser…Again

New Jersey Court Case Stayed

There was a hearing today regarding the harassment charges filed against Shari and myself in New Jersey. The first charge against me was filed 17 months ago and the case has been in review since May, so we were looking forward to having the case start moving again with today’s hearing. Unfortunately the case was stayed. I haven’t heard the specifics yet, only that the case is on hold again. Keep in mind it’s still in pre-trial phase, to determine if it should go to trial or be dismissed. 17 months and still no decision on a first amendment issue. … Continue reading New Jersey Court Case Stayed

Was Jason Lee Van Dyke Framed?

If I understand the latest episode in the Texas Shit Show starring the poster children of the Alt Right, Jason Lee Van Dyke and Tom Retzlaff, it looks like somebody stole some guns from Jason. Jason and his roommate searched their home but couldn’t find the missing guns. For some reason that would only make sense in Texas, it appears Jason decided the crime scene shouldn’t be in his house or wasn’t dramatic enough so later that day he took a brick and smashed the windows on his truck to make it look like the guns were stolen from his vehicle. … Continue reading Was Jason Lee Van Dyke Framed?

My Court Case Resumes September 20th In New Jersey

Finally! Another hearing has been scheduled for the harassment charges filed against me. It will be September 20th, making it month 17 of the crazy attempt to chill my free speech. The same judge will be presiding, so the request to get her recused, which caused the case to be reviewed, did not succeed. The proceeding will continue where it left off… Which was back in May with my lawyers about to do an oral argument to have the case dismissed. There apparently was some drama in the court because all the warrants against me were dismissed. The hearing ended … Continue reading My Court Case Resumes September 20th In New Jersey

Rauhauser Files Hail Mary Petition In Bullyville Law Suit

  No, the Rauhauser v. Bullyville lawsuit isn’t over yet. In the last episode, the Court of Appeals overturned much of the lower court’s judgment against Bullyville aka James McGibney. This left Rauhauser with awards and sanctions of $0.00, which he justly deserved. The judges of the 2nd Court of Appeals also felt that Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell of the Hantzen Laporte lawfirm, had padded his legal fees so they sent the issue of legal fees back to the lower court to settle on fair and just amount to be paid…without all the extras Dorrell added. So that should have about wrapped things … Continue reading Rauhauser Files Hail Mary Petition In Bullyville Law Suit