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May The 4th Be With You!

I’ve been watching the assorted hearings going on in Congress, and have been intrigued by what appears to me to be very careful, but deliberate, efforts by Pelosi, Nadler, and others to follow procedure to get answers to their questions many of us still have. There’s a war going on between the House of Representatives and the White House. It’s

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Russian Ministry of Defense Operated Fancy Bear Twitter Account

Recent events over the last week are proving that Russian Intelligence is an oxymoron. And computer geeks really suck at being spies. A coordinated effort between intelligence agencies of several countries tracked down a group of Russian operatives and caught them red-handed while they were in the midst of a hacking Op. These hackers, who call themselves Fancy Bears Hacking Team

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When Your Video Goes Viral

@LeviGibian posted a funny video in response to Trump’s difficulty in pronouncing the word Anonymous. The video went viral. The replies in response to Levi’s video were funny too. You’ll find some of those tweets below the break, but first, you gotta play Levi’s video. Anomynous. — Levi Gibian (@LeviGibian) September 7, 2018  

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