In Memoriam, Kirsten Claire Olsen

I’m sad to say that Kirclaire passed away recently. Kirsten Claire Olsen was an attorney in Fort Myers, Florida and a devoted mother to her son, Connor. She was well known on Twitter, taking an active role in several Ops and a financial contributor to even more. Kirsten was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and fought hard to win that battle, just as she did on Twitter. Sadly her cancer returned and spread. Then in April of this year she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The chemotherapy necessary to deal with AML left her body too weak to … Continue reading In Memoriam, Kirsten Claire Olsen

One Year Anniversary Today

It’s now been one year since the first harassment complaint was filed against me in New Jersey because of A year later, the harassment complaints against me now number three and the case continues to be heard in the Municipal Court of Paterson, New Jersey. The next hearing is May 8th. It could be the final hearing but there’s no predicting what will happen. And once again, to correct some disinformation being spread around. There are no warrants for my arrest, I’m not a fugitive, and law enforcement is not looking for me. This is a petty disorderly person’s … Continue reading One Year Anniversary Today

Happy Birthday Neal!

Yes, today is the birthday of my very dear friend, Neal Rauhauser! In case you haven’t heard yet, Neal received a very special present from Bullyville and the Texas Court of Appeals. Bullyville won his appeal against Neal and the Appeals Judges further reduced the sanctions awarded to Neal all the way down to a big fat zero! Neal was originally awarded one million dollars, the highest sanction ever awarded in an anti-SLAPP suit.  So maybe the Appellate court officially turning Neal from a millionaire back to a pauper doesn’t sound like much of a present, but if you know anything … Continue reading Happy Birthday Neal!

@6 Has Passed Away, RIP Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo went silent on Twitter on February 28th, today we learned that he passed away. Though Adrian was at one time an infamous hacker, he’s most well known for being involved in the arrest of Chelsea Manning. Though he got a lot of hate for this, was hated for this, Adrian did what he thought was right at the time, just as Chelsea Manning did. The choice he made was not the popular one but you have to admire the man for having the courage to make it. I had a few, brief interactions with Adrian as a result … Continue reading @6 Has Passed Away, RIP Adrian Lamo

Jaime Cochran’s Epic Troll, In Case You Missed It

The internet became a little more serious place after Jaime Cochran decided to leave. Jaime aka @ackflags was an internet legend in her own time and will be immortalized as one of the most artfully skilled Trolls in the history of trolling. I think the best thing I ever did was say to a media outlet that “trolling is an art.” #Marinate   -Jaime Cochran But don’t confuse Jaime’s vocation with what passes for trolling today. Jaime wasn’t a bully, she wasn’t malicious, she wasn’t trying to chill free speech. Jaime considered herself a performance artist and that true trolling was an art. “I have a great distaste for tactless … Continue reading Jaime Cochran’s Epic Troll, In Case You Missed It

Fundraiser for Fallen Soldier Goes Viral

Update: The final total for the GoFundMe was $731,000! A fundraiser for the children of Sergeant Ladavid Johnson went viral as he was laid to rest today. Meanwhile, the controversy grows over the circumstances of his death and Trump’s phone call to his widow. While Donald Trump and his lackey, four star liar John Kelley, have been lying to America, a fundraiser being held to provide a college education for Sergeant Johnson’s fatherless children has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sergeant Johnson left behind two young children, a girl aged 6 and a 2 year old boy. His wife, Myeshia, … Continue reading Fundraiser for Fallen Soldier Goes Viral

Irontroll Renewed For Another Year

I am happy to announce that has been renewed for another year. I know my many fans, admirers and gentlemen callers will be excited to know that another season of Irontroll is coming, bringing more reports on the low drama and high jinks of the assorted characters, criminals and trolls that flit through the interwebs. Though we managed to get two criminal complaints filed against us in 2017, we trust in the First Amendment and ruling by the Supreme Court that asserts bloggers have the same rights as journalists. Even in New Jersey. We look forward to another year … Continue reading Irontroll Renewed For Another Year