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HOW IT STARTED, HOW IT’S GOING; Proud Boy Joe Biggs, Voices Of the Insurrection

ike all thugs, Proud Boy Joe Biggs was full of bravado until he was caught.

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JoJo Camp Is Running For Potus.

There are 799 candidates registered to run for POTUS in 2020. One of them is JoJo Camp. JoJo has a history of stalking and harassment. He also has a history of preying on women. JoJo will befriend a teenager with aspirations to be a model or entertainer. He becomes mentor and manager for the young woman, eventually he becomes her

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Trumpty Dumpty Meets Speaker Pelosi

Our latest video posted on the Iron Troll channel is Trumpty Dumpty:   Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall Trumpty Dumpty said crime would fall But not even Twitter Bots, Russian hackers and spies Can build Trumpty a wall made out of his lies   Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall But Trumpty Dumpty’s about to take a big fall And not

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