Glen Miley Collier

Glen Miley Collier

Florida native, Glen Miley Collier, has a long history of harassing people on the internet and when they respond in kind, she screams “bully!”.

Miley spends a lot of time on role playing games and brings those fantasies into her real life where she creates accounts with different names and personas with elaborate life stories. On Twitter she uses sock puppet accounts to hold conversations with herself.

Miley often goes too far, she’s created libel blogs and doxed a 7 year old child, giving directions to the child’s school. After the Orlando tragedy she called police to report someone she didn’t like as a terrorist. Miley is very disturbed.

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  • 100% truth… and when she's found out, she cries that she has autism and seeks pity from those she's fooled onto believing she's truly a victim. In fact, she's the worse kind of bully. She uses multiple alternate accounts to bully people on Twitter and then poses as an anti-bullying advocate on Periscope denouncing the behaviors she herself engages in. Thankfully, many are gradually starting to see the truth about her. I've personally witnessed conversations with her alternate accounts. She does a terrible job at keeping them separate… you can usually spot them via the similar spelling and grammatical errors.

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