Neal Rauhauser

In 2015 Neal paid $25 on his $70,000 past due child support. And that $25 had to be garnished from his paycheck, he didn’t voluntarily pay it. Neal ran off to California and got that job, then left when the state of California found out who he was and docked his wages.

Neal made headlines in 2015 for openly attacking CoinfireBlog for announcing the SEC investigation into GAWMiners and Josh Garza. Neal bragged about his “first amendment lawsuit” then suggested retaliation against Coinfire and editor Mike Johnson for publishing the truth. Neal was working for Cryptocoins Blog at the time and was fired.

Besides CryptoCoinsNews, Neal also worked for BadBitCoinOrg, a shill account that promoted investment into the GAWMiners ponzi scam. Neal also worked for Doug Spink, creator for Cryptostorm who is best known for advocating beastiality.

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