A Devil Of A Mime; JoJo Camp Denied Parole

JoJo Camp, world famous mime wrangler and strangler, was denied parole last week in Colorado. You may recall that JoJo was sentenced earlier this year for numerous charges, including stalking and assaulting a Mime. JoJo, eternal entrepreneur that he is, was a Mime Manager, bound and determined to take the Mime world by storm with his young protégé, Mikki The Mime. He claimed Mikki would be the next Charlie Chaplin. Seriously. Then he tried to strangle her. Now there was a time when Mimes were everywhere but then public opinion turned against them. It was open season on Mimes to … Continue reading A Devil Of A Mime; JoJo Camp Denied Parole

High Mimes And Misdemeanors; The Trials Of JoJo

JoJo had another hearing yesterday, March 28th, regarding two of the charges from his long assorted list. Charges addressed were # 6, Stalking, which is JoJo’s way of showing affection and #8 Attempt To Influence A Public Servant, which no doubt came as a result of JoJo trying to flip the cop twenty bucks to take a hike. JoJo has another court date for these charges on April 4th and then on April 24th is the Disposition Hearing for his major charge of attempting to strangle a mime. JoJo’s well known and much beloved internet lawyer, Sue Basko, will most likely … Continue reading High Mimes And Misdemeanors; The Trials Of JoJo

JoJo Camp Uncovers International Mime Extortion Ring

You probably never heard of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, before JoJo Camp was arrested there, but it turns out Wheat Ridge is part of an evil extortion ring that is under investigation by a multinational task force which includes DHS, FBI, MI5, MI6, Scotland Yard, and Interpol. This is according to JoJo, who’s been in jail for months now but has managed to discover that top secret information about JoJo was given to an attorney in Florida and her client in California. The attorney he refers to is probably Kirsten O, who has a restraining order against JoJo for stalking. And … Continue reading JoJo Camp Uncovers International Mime Extortion Ring

JoJo Camp Arraigned Today For Attempted Mime Murder

Joseph “JoJo” Camp was in court today in Colorado for his formal arraignment on assorted charges including the attempted strangulation of a mime. This was the chance for JoJo to enter a plea to the charges against him.  I don’t know for sure what plea JoJo entered but if you’ve been checking out jojocamp.com and keeping up with all the crazy letters JoJo’s been writing , I’d guess he went for Not Guilty. And I imagine he followed that plea up with accusations of a conspiracy against him because of “what he knows”.  JoJo attempted to get his bond of … Continue reading JoJo Camp Arraigned Today For Attempted Mime Murder

Mime Chat; A Conversation With JoJo

photo: Gates Frontiers Fund Colorado Collection within the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. Curiously prophetic, the mime in the photo above is JoJo Camp’s actual victim though that isn’t JoJo strangling her. The picture was taken in July of 2015.  Below is a conversation I had in June with the mime whose career JoJo was managing. At the time, JoJo issued a challenge online that he bet nobody could guess where he was. I knew where he was so I tweeted his mime client and asked her to tell JoJo that I knew he … Continue reading Mime Chat; A Conversation With JoJo

JoJo Denied Bail! Mime Lives Matter

JoJo Camp had another preliminary hearing today. The state of Colorado presented their final list of charges against JoJo along with the evidence that he committed those crimes. Observing the proceedings were JoJo’s old buddies, the FBI. As a result of this hearing, Camp was denied bail and a trial date was set for October 26th at 8:30 am. As I said before: If you can’t do the time, don’t do the mime.  Continue reading JoJo Denied Bail! Mime Lives Matter

JoJo Runs For Political Office

In January of this year JoJo decided to run for the House of Representatives in his newly adopted state of Colorado. There was a slight problem since as a convicted felon, JoJo can’t vote. In Colorado you can run for office even if you’re a convicted felon as long as you weren’t convicted of bribery or theft. But you have to be a registered voter. So JoJo was screwed until he discovered he could run as a Write In candidate.  He filed his intent and sent his financials to the election committee. He got listed as a candidate. But then problems … Continue reading JoJo Runs For Political Office

JoJo Camp Hacked! UPDATED Aug 31

UPDATE August 31: Bullyville has obtained a copy of a consent release that JoJo signed, allowing the police to search his phone. JoJo’s claim of being hacked is total crap. Chronic stalker, JoJo Camp, who is very famous, and was once rated the 4th most elite hacker in the whole world, is claiming he has been hacked. By the cops who have arrested him. JoJo is awaiting trial on several felonies so in his copious free time he is applying the Thomas Retzlaff jail house lawyer defense strategy of bothering everyone connected to his arrest.  In the letter below, JoJo … Continue reading JoJo Camp Hacked! UPDATED Aug 31