Have You Seen This Alt Right Individual?

This is Taylor Michael Wilson, a White Supremacist, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison on Friday for terrorism. Wilson stopped an AmTrak train in order to “save the train from black people”. He says he was high on acid at the time.   The Feds also found a cache of guns in Wilsn’s home because isn’t there always a cache of guns at the homes of these people?   There are people looking for any pictures or videos from any Alt Right event that Taylor Wilson may be in. Help them out if you can. Based Stalkman 🌽 … Continue reading Have You Seen This Alt Right Individual?

Was Jason Lee Van Dyke Framed?

If I understand the latest episode in the Texas Shit Show starring the poster children of the Alt Right, Jason Lee Van Dyke and Tom Retzlaff, it looks like somebody stole some guns from Jason. Jason and his roommate searched their home but couldn’t find the missing guns. For some reason that would only make sense in Texas, it appears Jason decided the crime scene shouldn’t be in his house or wasn’t dramatic enough so later that day he took a brick and smashed the windows on his truck to make it look like the guns were stolen from his vehicle. … Continue reading Was Jason Lee Van Dyke Framed?

Van Dyke Injunction Hearing Set For August 9th

After smacking down defendant, Tom Retzlaff, motions yesterday, the judge approved a hearing for Van Dyke to argue for a preliminary injunction to have the court order Retzlaff to stop interfering in Jason Van Dyke’s business. If you take into consideration previous law suits involving Retzlaff-and there are a lot, Retzlaff was declared a vexatious litigant in Texas- it’s a good bet Retzlaff will ignore any injunction issued by the court.  It’s been alleged that Retzlaff has some sort of legal game going where he harasses someone until that individual files a lawsuit against Retzlaff, which in turn allows Retzlaff … Continue reading Van Dyke Injunction Hearing Set For August 9th

Van Dyke Scores Big In Texas Trial

The lawsuit between Proud Boy, Jason Van Dyke, and internet troll, Thomas Retzlaff, had a big day today with Jason coming out on top when the court denied motions filed by Retzlaff to get the case dismissed. Retzlaff had three motions before the judge. Denied. Denied. Denied. “After reviewing the relevant pleadings and motions, the Court finds that all the motions should be denied.” —Judge Amos Mazaant Back in March, Van Dyke filed a 100 million dollar lawsuit against Retzlaff for defamation, harassment, and interfering with his livelihood. The suit was filed in district court, but Retzlaff had the case … Continue reading Van Dyke Scores Big In Texas Trial

Team KKK Lawyers Up To Fight Team Proud Boys

It looks like two Alt Right extremists will be battling it out in court. Tom Retzlaff has now engaged a lawyer to represent him in the lawsuit filed against him by Jason Van Dyke. Van Dyke claims Tommy got him fired from his job by contacting his employers and telling them Van Dyke was a Nazi. Jason wants 100 million dollars in damages. 100 Million dollars… someone sure thinks highly of themselves. After the suit was filed, Retlzaff contacted Van Dyke to generously offer to let Van Dyke drop the suit against Retzlaff if Van Dyke paid him $75,000. That … Continue reading Team KKK Lawyers Up To Fight Team Proud Boys

Timeline Of Neo Nazi Zeiger

Charles Zeiger, a major player in the Alt Right world, was recently doxed as Gabriel Sohier Chaput, a French Canadian living in Quebec.  Gabriel Chaput A prolific writer who also did numerous internet radio shows, Chaput probably had the most influence in shaping the current White Nationalist movement, including its use of violence. It was Chaput who promoted the Florida based neo-Nazi group, Atomwaffen Division, which is responsible for the murder of five people. In the fall of 2017, Chaput and Atomwaffen Division appeared to disappear from the internet. Below the break is Chaput’s timeline as Zeiger when he was writing for … Continue reading Timeline Of Neo Nazi Zeiger

Happy Birthday; Retzlaff Sends Van Dyke A Gift; April 3rd, 2017

  April 3rd was Jason Van Dyke’s birthday. To help him celebrate turning 38, Tom Retzlaff sent a letter to Van Dyke trying to extort him into dropping his law suit. Yeah, that’s nuts, but it’s typical Retzlaff.  He’s threatening to file a counter suit and tie Van Dyke up in courts for years unless he gets paid $75,000.  Retzlaff is alleging Van Dyke filed a SLAPP suit, an acronym for Strategic Lawsuit Against Citizen Participation, which is a lawsuit filed to silence someone. A lot of states have adopted legal remedies called anti-SLAPP lawsuits in order to prevent such … Continue reading Happy Birthday; Retzlaff Sends Van Dyke A Gift; April 3rd, 2017