Getting Away With Murder In Texas

Where is Chuck Norris when you need him? It’s amazing that Tom Retzlaff could pose as a lawyer in Texas for years without anyone catching on. Tommy has a glib tongue but how could he have worked as a lawyer for almost 6 years without anyone getting wise or checking his credentials?  Walker, Texas Ranger would have seen through Tommy right away. Tommy has a gift for lying and deception, qualities necessary for being a successful con man but he he lacks the self control needed to stay out of trouble.  Tommy keeps popping up at the Texas court room for … Continue reading Getting Away With Murder In Texas

Thomas Retzlaff Punks Anderson Cooper; January, 2013

Trolls like to say outrageous, inflammatory things to generate emotional responses. They do this for kicks, it gives them a thrill to create upset. Thomas Retzlaff is a major troll, he’s been doing it full time for years but for him it’s more than thrills, it’s also sexual.Tom punked the Anderson Cooper Live show by passing himself off as James Smith, the supposed webmaster of a revenge porn site and one of Retzlaff’s known aliases. You can’t blame the show’s staff for being taken in, I’m sure none of them considered anyone would be so disturbed as to impersonate a … Continue reading Thomas Retzlaff Punks Anderson Cooper; January, 2013

Tweets By Retzlaff As MrTexxxan

@MrTexxxan was an account run by Thomas Retzlaff. For some reason Retzlaff claimed to be one of the administrators of the revenge porn site and This got him an interview on the air with Anderson Cooper.Retzlaff has posted pictures on revenge porn sites (including pics of his daughter) and he’s owned a lot of porn but he’s never owned a porn website. Continue reading Tweets By Retzlaff As MrTexxxan

The Obsession Of Finndango

These tweets were scraped on April 11, 2015 from the timeline of @finndango aka Tami Vaher. There are 3,043 tweets including her retweets.  Tami is one of the Kate Gosselin haters. She thinks Gosselin is a child abuser.With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of keywords in Tami Vaher tweets: toddler is mentioned 7 times  babies is mentioned 7 child abuse is mentioned 11 times children is mentioned 31 times kids is mentioned 246 times Jon is mentioned 97 Gosselin is mention 105 times; The word Kate is mentioned: 1,630 times Her tweets and retweets included Gosselin’s account @kateplusmy8:  1,136 times … Continue reading The Obsession Of Finndango

Tweets By OccupyRebellion AKA Sheridan, June 2012

These tweets are from the timeline of OccupyRebellion aka Sheridan; June 2012 Sun Jun 24 16:50:58 +0000 2012, OccupyRebellion, 216936466750775296, If I was threatening to kill your family, wouldn’t I have done something by now?  Lying fucking CUNT!  @Liberty_Chick Sun Jun 24 16:50:15 +0000 2012, OccupyRebellion, 216936286773194752, While Stranahan & Darby threaten anyone who says anything negative about Breitbart and how they’ll pay for what they’ve done. @Liberty_Chick Sun Jun 24 16:49:29 +0000 2012, OccupyRebellion, 216936090685292546, Your friend John Firman Norton shows up at Brett’s home.  But you lie about us threatening to kill you.  @Liberty_Chick Sun Jun 24 16:47:24 … Continue reading Tweets By OccupyRebellion AKA Sheridan, June 2012

Just a Few Days of EmeraldCityJazz Tweets

Below are a few days worth of Lora Lusher tweets as EmeraldCityJazz that were scraped using the keyword “McGibney”.  Notice all her tweets to Anderson Cooper and the USMC to complain that she’s being bullied.The EmeraldCityJazz account is long suspended, like most extremists, she wasn’t able to recognize when she crossed the line between Concerned to Obsessed and from Anger to Abuse. @EmeraldCityJazz 1 yr ago @GosselinBook One woman Bullyville founder James McGibney is bullying is a combat vet. He can’t claim he didn’t know b/c he knows EVERYTHING @EmeraldCityJazz 1 yr ago @GosselinBook FYI: One of the women Bullyville founder James … Continue reading Just a Few Days of EmeraldCityJazz Tweets

Thomas Retzlaff Depraved Emails, Part 2; Tom Retzlaff Exposed

The more of his emails I read, the more I wonder why Thomas Retzlaff isn’t back in prison. emails courtesy Email from James Smith dated August 28, 2013 sent to private investigator Philip Klein, who was working with Attorney John Morgan and a few victims of the revenge porn site ———- Forwarded message ———- From: James Smith [] Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 10:33 PM To: Philip Klein Subject: Re: Cease Contact If you had bothered to listen to the interview I gave to ABC news you would have understood the relationship that I have with Texxxan, and … Continue reading Thomas Retzlaff Depraved Emails, Part 2; Tom Retzlaff Exposed

Adam Steinbaugh Affidavit; Oct 12, 2014

This court declaration by Adam Steinbaugh was filed Oct 12th, 2014.  He also was the victim of threats and harassment by Thomas Retzlaff. JASON S. LEIDERMAN, SBN 203336jay@criminal-lawyer.meLAW OFFICES OF JAY LEIDERMAN5740 Ralston Street, Suite 300Ventura, California 93003Tel: 805-654-0200Fax: 805-654-0280Attorney for Plaintiffs JAMES MCGIBNEYVIAVIEW, INC UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTNORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIASAN JOSE DIVISION JAMES MCGIBNEY, an individual, andVIAVIEW, INC, a corporation,Plaintiffs,vs.THOMAS RETZLAFF, an individual,NEAL RAUHAUSER, an individual,LANE LIPTON, an individual, andDOES 1-5, individuals whose truenames are not known,Defendants. }}}}}}}}}} Case No.: 5:14-cv-01059 BLF DECLARATION OF BRITTANY RETZLAFFIN SUPPORT OFPLAINTIFFS’ OPPOSITIONTO DEFENDANTTHOMAS RETZLAFF’S MOTION TO STRIKE I, ADAM STEINBAUGH, declare the … Continue reading Adam Steinbaugh Affidavit; Oct 12, 2014