Happy Belated Birthday Andie!

Dang it, I missed Andie’s birthday. She turned 51 just 10 days ago so she’s now over the half century mark. And still catfishing followers with her 25 year old avatar photo. Andie made headlines earlier this year when she was the subject of a column at BBC.com. Her unique brand of racism has made her efamous across the internet and gained her a lot of like minded followers.  Andie, who has a history of mental illness, loves the attention she gets by being a Troll on Twitter. She has a trash to treasure blog, Divine Theater, but that gets … Continue reading Happy Belated Birthday Andie!

Feral Andie Is At It Again

At it again? Ha! Andie Paulie never stopped her nonsense. She recently tweeted out the name and address of someone she thinks is Miss Molly and then deleted the tweet so she wouldn’t get suspended. 1. It’s the wrong Molly. Miss Molly doesn’t live in California. 2. Andie’s husband and daughter aren’t on Twitter. And probably not on the internet either so nobody is harassing her family.  3. If she was really worried about harassment, she would lock up her account. 4. The authorities in Andie’s city are already involved. The Chief of Police has had several polite talks with … Continue reading Feral Andie Is At It Again

White People Invented Everything, An Interview With Paulette aka Mad Jewess; May 2015

This is an interview with Paulette Dittinger Rockir aka The Mad Jewess and her husband, David Rockir aka David Ben Moshe. I managed to get through half an hour of it. Should you try, I can guarantee at various points during the interview your eyes will roll, your jaw will drop, you’ll shake your head and you’ll want to smack both of them on the side of the head. Paulette and David hate everyone except each other. Their ignorance and manipulation of data is truly breathtaking. While watching them spout their White Supremacist crap I couldn’t help noticing that David … Continue reading White People Invented Everything, An Interview With Paulette aka Mad Jewess; May 2015

The Bitch Is Back; Andie Returns; May 31, 2016

Oh joy! Andie Pauly is back from the time out Twitter gave her. Take comfort in knowing that once an account gets suspended it is easier to get it suspended again if it breaks Twitter’s rules. Due to Andie’s suspension I now have a new fan named Paulette Ann Dittinger aka PauliD aka Paulette Anne aka Paulette Rockir aka Mad Jewess, a friend of Andie’s, who spent her holiday weekend blowing up my timeline accusing me of doxing her.  The woman has a blog where she rants against “non-whites” I actually thought Paulette might be an Andie sock because of … Continue reading The Bitch Is Back; Andie Returns; May 31, 2016

Andie Is Still Gone, Kudos To #TeamFeral and Olivia Crellin

The Twitter account of Andie Pauly was suspended on May 13th. It’s been 5 days now and she’s not back yet so perhaps this wasn’t one of Twitter’s short Time Outs. Hopefully it was a permanent suspension. A well deserved, permanent suspension. It’s likely her tweets threatening to “trayvon” people got her the ban hammer, but it was definitely the BBC Trending article by Olivia Crellin that got Andie the publicity she deserved. So Kudos to Olivia for her excellent post and to all those of Team Feral for reporting Andie’s psychotic tweets.  According to her trash to treasure blog, … Continue reading Andie Is Still Gone, Kudos To #TeamFeral and Olivia Crellin

9,000 Andie Pauly Tweets

Below are a month’s worth of Andie Pauly tweets, from April until her suspension on May 13th. @tboyddmd I better get ready for church. I am too pure for Twitter! LOL! Have a great day! Now post their national debt. https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6 Venezuela…Socialist PARADISE…running out of…water. https://t.co/NryQqPrXZh https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6 EVERYONE who cares about police should read and share this. If you don’t care about police…you will. https://t.co/9QcWcPgptz @MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD I shared it. Beautiful! Thank you! @MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD You too! Thanks again! RT @Incazzato2015: @NewRBEworld @brucechris24 @andieiamwhoiam BS!!! I’m Italian and ran away from socialism. Go there and try to … Continue reading 9,000 Andie Pauly Tweets

Andie Pauly Suspended Friday The 13th, Her Final Tweets

On Friday, May 13th, Andie Pauly was suspended. These are the tweets from May 12th, her last day. Pauly has long been known as a rabid racist. It was most likely her tweets about Trayvon and George Zimmerman that got her suspended. You can read more about Andie here. George Zimmerman finds an epic way to make money. He is auctioning the gun that saved his life from a violent thug. https://t.co/pEqlg3GWVL RT @velow1: @andieiamwhoiam Trying to blatantly signal then coward out instead of owning up to it. They don’t deserve the uniform! .@MsCon… Yes. They are at the Army … Continue reading Andie Pauly Suspended Friday The 13th, Her Final Tweets

Andie Is No Negress

Here are some comments made by Andie Pauly on a forum called USforum.net. She claims she’s not racist… Some special Andie quotes are:  “Liberals are sociopaths” and “I am no negress. I work.” Actually, Andie doesn’t work, she has a blog. Link to original is here Post by: Andie Pauly » Tue May 05, 2015 5:06 pm Brown people aren’t all as stupid as you are scottbrowning » Tue May 05, 2015 5:07 pm of course not… they just despise Republicans. All of them. Asians, Blacks and Latinos. In increasing numbers they hate Republicans. Every election. Post by: Andie Pauly … Continue reading Andie Is No Negress

Celebrate Being An Andie Pauly Feral With A Feral Avatar!

Olivia Crellin recently wrote an article for BBCTrending with Twitter’s Favorite Racist, Andie Pauly, as the topic. This made Andie very, very mad. We liked that. You can see Ms Crellin’s article here To commemorate this wonderful event here are some Feral Avatars for all those who’ve been labeled Feral by Andie. Glory in your Feralness! Click on any of the pictures and it will enlarge to full size. Generally a right click on the picture will then allow you to save the graphic to your computer so you can upload it to your Twitter account.       Continue reading Celebrate Being An Andie Pauly Feral With A Feral Avatar!