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Comedy Central Owns Lee Stranahan

Lee Stranahan got owned by Kobi Libii of the Comedy Central show The Opposition With Jordan Klepper. Stranahan is known at IronTroll for having been involved in a long and tedious feud between political bloggers, Stacy McCain, William Hoge, Bill Schmalfeldt, Matt Osborne and others. It got pretty nasty with SWATtings, restraining orders and lawsuits. Stranahan is currently writing for Breitbart

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Breitbart Attacks Kelloggs; December, 2016

Breitbart is trying to start another movement! This time it’s a boycott on Kelloggs after the iconic cereal company pulled it’s advertising from Breitbart News. For some reason Kellogg’s felt that their brand might suffer being associated with the Alt Right, White Supremacy, and Pepe the frog.  Breitbart News, which transformed itself from a creepy far right blog into a

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Andrew Breitbart Involved In #PizzaGate Pedo Ring

The Alt Right has been all aflutter with their latest Conspiracy Theory called pizzagate. This is an alleged pedophile ring composed of elite politicians that’s centered around a pizza parlor. The political pedos use food names as code words to discuss their hobby. The really delicious thing about pizzagate is that it’s a conspiracy theory with conspiracy theories!  The Alt

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Meet The Cast, Deleted Rauhauser blog Post; 2012

This post appeared on Neal Rauhauser’s blog in 2012. Take everything Rauhauser says with a grain of salt, he lies as easily as he breathes. MEET THE CAST This is all getting a little muddled – three big right wing conspiracy theories, half a dozen hoaxes, four Congressional races, thirty individuals, and a smattering of civil and criminal matters I haven’t even begun

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