@6 Has Passed Away, RIP Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo went silent on Twitter on February 28th, today we learned that he passed away. Though Adrian was at one time an infamous hacker, he’s most well known for being involved in the arrest of Chelsea Manning. Though he got a lot of hate for this, was hated for this, Adrian did what he thought was right at the time, just as Chelsea Manning did. The choice he made was not the popular one but you have to admire the man for having the courage to make it. I had a few, brief interactions with Adrian as a result … Continue reading @6 Has Passed Away, RIP Adrian Lamo

Sang Haz Ur (SSN) Number

This IRC chat involving Nachash and Sanguinarious Rose (William Welna) is from many, many years ago. Way back when Sang and Girl Friday were an eCouple, before she dumped him and ended up with his hard drive with IRC logs like the one below. In this log, Nachash is aware that Sang has access to Social Security Numbers and Sang admits that he does have access through a friend. The IRC log dates back to a time before Neal Rauhauser became Sang’s buddy after Sang had considered Neal an enemy for years. It’s back before Sang and Zapem (Joanne Joy) … Continue reading Sang Haz Ur (SSN) Number

Angry Nazis Storm The Internet And Anonymous Responds; August 24, 2017

Watching Andrew Anglin trying to keep his cash cow going by finding a host for his goofy neo-nazi website, Daily Stormer, is like watching a volleyball game. But in really slow motion. And on one side of the net are a couple of tiny Nazis who are losing and blaming it on the Jews and a very big Azzmador who blames reptilian aliens. So after being kicked off GoDaddy and Google ten days ago, Daily Stormer moved to the dark web, that region of the internet that lies in unchartered territory. But I’m guessing Stormer patrons couldn’t figure out how … Continue reading Angry Nazis Storm The Internet And Anonymous Responds; August 24, 2017

KYAnonymous Is Too Dumb To Internet

Wannabe Hacker, Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous, was sent to prison two months early for being too dumb to internet. Scheduled to turn himself in to start serving his 2 year sentence, Lostutter had a court order forbidding him from accessing the internet directly or indirectly. It was that “INDIRECTLY” word that Deric didn’t get. Sometimes English is hard. Lostutter’s wife posted a picture on Instagram with Deric flipping the bird. This was considered accessing the internet indirectly because Deric was accessing the internet indirectly. The still shot posted by his wife was taken at the same time Jenny made a … Continue reading KYAnonymous Is Too Dumb To Internet

The Jester Is Being Stalked! Updated April 8th

The Jester aka @Th3Je5t3r is a very famous fake person.  He is so famous that back in 2015, he was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential fake people on the internet!  These days The Jester is not so famous or influential, but still just as fake as ever. The Jester is actually a group of conservative middle aged men and women who bypass the government and military to wage battles with a mighty DDoS cannon, to keep the internet safe from web sites and stuff. And Trump. They don’t like Trump, which is a surprise considering their … Continue reading The Jester Is Being Stalked! Updated April 8th

Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous Sentenced Today

Justice has been served. Today, Deric Lostutter aka @KYAnonymous, was given a 2 year sentence for being a fame whore. Deric pleaded guilty to charges of lying to an FBI agent and conspiring to hack a website.  While many people believe Lostutter was a hero during the Steubenville drama, the truth is that he inserted himself into the situation at Steubenville, lied about what was happening, and then used the drama he manufactured to try and become rich and famous.  Lostutter’s actions after Steubenville were even more telling as he cashed in on his 15 minutes of fame by granting lots … Continue reading Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous Sentenced Today

Chelsea Manning Will Be Freed In May

President Obama has commuted the 35 year sentence of Chelsea Manning.  Manning, who was arrested as Bradley Manning in 2010, was sentenced to 35 years and not due to be released in 2045.  The usual sentence for leaking information is 1 to 3 years so Manning’s sentence was unduly harsn and the most severe in US history. Taking into account Mannings transgender status and two suicide attempts, her incarceration has been cruel and usual punishment.  In requesting clemency of Obama, Chelsea stated “I take full and complete responsibility for my decision to disclose these materials to the public, I have never … Continue reading Chelsea Manning Will Be Freed In May

Occupy Rebellion and Ron Brynaert; May 2013

Occupy Rebellion aka Sheridan is believed to have been a group account but was famous for her rage rants. She was also one of a small group that believed Anthony Weiner was framed the first time he got caught tweeting pictures of his naughty parts on Twitter. Not long after Weinergate came SWATgate when several conservative bloggers were SWATted. Ron was accused of being the SWATter even though that made no sense. The Sheridan Rant below was most likely in response to this tweet from Ron: Continue reading Occupy Rebellion and Ron Brynaert; May 2013

Manifesto Of Sanguinarious; July, 2016

This is Sang’s official declaration of who he blocked on Twitter and why. As a Hacker who used to advertise his services on Twitter, Sang doesn’t tell you is that he asked the FBI if he could be an informant, was given an “audition”, but didn’t make the cut.  His Sanguinarious  Twitter  account has since been suspended. Grand Exalted Troll · @Sanguinarious  16th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger About My Blocks 7/16/2016 —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA256 Since I have blocked hundreds of people and I have proudly purged a 1/3 of the people from my twitter followers, I figure it would be time … Continue reading Manifesto Of Sanguinarious; July, 2016

WikiLeaks Shows Hacking Team Sold Spyware To FSB Russia

Wikileaks has emails posted that show Italy’s Hacking Crew sold spyware to FSB Russia. FSB Russia is the Russian equivalent of the CIA and FBI. It’s also the main successor to the KGB.  It’s in charge of security, counter intelligence, counter terrorism, and surveillance. The sales were in violation of European Union sanctions that forbid selling spyware to Russia. Those sanctions were put in place after Russia’s efforts in the Ukraine to destabilize the government in Kiev. (Link) The Hacking Team claims it has since broken off any relationship with the FSB and have no clients in Russia. Link to … Continue reading WikiLeaks Shows Hacking Team Sold Spyware To FSB Russia