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KYAnonymous Is Too Dumb To Internet

Wannabe Hacker, Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous, was sent to prison two months early for being too dumb to internet. Scheduled to turn himself in to start serving his 2 year sentence, Lostutter had a court order forbidding him from accessing the internet directly or indirectly. It was that “INDIRECTLY” word that Deric didn’t get. Sometimes English is hard. Lostutter’s wife

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Manifesto Of Sanguinarious; July, 2016

This is Sang’s official declaration of who he blocked on Twitter and why. As a Hacker who used to advertise his services on Twitter, Sang doesn’t tell you is that he asked the FBI if he could be an informant, was given an “audition”, but didn’t make the cut.  His Sanguinarious  Twitter  account has since been suspended. Grand Exalted Troll ยท @Sanguinarious  16th

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WikiLeaks Shows Hacking Team Sold Spyware To FSB Russia

Wikileaks has emails posted that show Italy’s Hacking Crew sold spyware to FSB Russia. FSB Russia is the Russian equivalent of the CIA and FBI. It’s also the main successor to the KGB.  It’s in charge of security, counter intelligence, counter terrorism, and surveillance. The sales were in violation of European Union sanctions that forbid selling spyware to Russia. Those

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