Occupy Rebellion and Ron Brynaert; May 2013

Occupy Rebellion aka Sheridan is believed to have been a group account but was famous for her rage rants. She was also one of a small group that believed Anthony Weiner was framed the first time he got caught tweeting pictures of his naughty parts on Twitter. Not long after Weinergate came SWATgate when several conservative bloggers were SWATted. Ron was accused of being the SWATter even though that made no sense. The Sheridan Rant below was most likely in response to this tweet from Ron: Continue reading Occupy Rebellion and Ron Brynaert; May 2013

Rauhauser Complaint Against Patrick Frey; Deleted Scribd Document, 2012

The following was on Neal Rauhauser’s Scribd account and then deleted. It was written in 2012 and sent to the LA County Prosecutor’s office. Neal has a tendency to contact law enforcement to try and cover his ass after he’s caused trouble.Note in the second paragraph below that Neal claims Patrick Frey, aka Patterico, harassed and intimidated management at Daily Kos which led to his being banned. That’s funny but it’s unlikely a Conservative who isn’t a member of DailyKos could get someone banned. And in Neal’s case he had at least 5 accounts and all of them were banned.Neal … Continue reading Rauhauser Complaint Against Patrick Frey; Deleted Scribd Document, 2012

Weinergate Redux; 2009-2014

The following Weinergate timeline was compiled by CattyIdiot and AsherahResearch. As they state below, it also outlines Rauhauser’s shenanigans. My comments are listed as OUB UPDATES in blue. A timeline of events surrounding Weinergate, which is largely morphed into a detailed look at the shenanigans of Neal Rauhauser. By Scott DeFazio & the Wicked Witch of Waterford   *means a screencap exists 10/29/2009 Neal Rauhauser laments on KOS that conservatives ‘own’ twitter 12/01/2009 Neal Rauhauser, Beth Becker introduce “Progressive PST,” a Twitter spam service for Democrats.  Neal is later replaced by Sandi Behrns 6/18/2010 Neal Rauhauser institutes the twitter account … Continue reading Weinergate Redux; 2009-2014

Threatening Email And Tweets To Mike Stack; June 19th, 2011

Mike Stack, one of the individuals involved in the Weinergate drama and accused by Rauhauser of hacking Weiner, was threatened via email on June 19th, 2011. Goatsred was Stack’s account name on Twitter but the hushmail account with that name was not his, neither was a Twitter account with a similar name but using a Zero instead of an O; @g0atsred which sent Stack threatening tweets. g0atsred @g0atsred We found the following information associated with your account. Email a link to go******@h*******.*** The asterisks in the password reset match the email of “goatsred@hushmail.com” Tweets   Tweets & replies <div class="tweet original-tweet js-original-tweet … Continue reading Threatening Email And Tweets To Mike Stack; June 19th, 2011

Comments by Matt Osborne, Melissa Brewer, Neal Rauhauser; November 9th 2013

These comments were left on Breitbart Unmasked in 2013. This was before Matt Osborne admitted he was Xenophon. Breitbart Unmasked @OccupyRebellion • 10 months ago Before the Gosselin nonsense started, a sock account by the name of @Captien_Obvious (now @Captien_O) jumped on my timeline and Bill’s timeline. He was attacking us for what we were tweeting to Breitbart kooks. This was around the time Steubenville was happening. All signs are he is Bullyville’s sock account. I have screenshots of Bullyville calling Popehat his friend. Screenshots of Frey tweeting to Bullyville’s attorney. Captien tweeting to many Breitbart associates. Captien tweeting as … Continue reading Comments by Matt Osborne, Melissa Brewer, Neal Rauhauser; November 9th 2013

Chat Log With Nachash And Neal Rauhauser

In this chatlog, Neal Rauhauser is @chr000t. He gives details to Nachash and Schmoop about several amazing conspiracies that revolve around him.Neal was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If you aren’t familiar with NPD, reading @chr000t should give you an idea.  Neal is convinced Brandon Darby is the SWAT caller, Anthony Weiner was set up and Mitt Romney’s campaign team was behind SWATgate.Neal Rauhauser has always been the number 1 suspect for orchestrating the SWATtings. 04:57:05 |-INFO > nachash [nachash@doxbinumfxfyytnh.onion] has joined #triforce04:57:05 [Users #triforce]04:57:05 [@chr000t] [ nachash] 04:57:05 |-INFO > Irssi: #triforce: Total of 2 nicks [1 ops, 0 … Continue reading Chat Log With Nachash And Neal Rauhauser

Darrah Ford And The WeinerGate Conspiracy

Her identity still unknown, Darrah Ford was the gossip queen of the porn industry. She quit her blog and Twitter suddenly and is believed to have reincarnated as one of the operators of the Sheridan @OccupyRebellion account. Like Sheridan, Darrah Ford believed in the Weiner Conspiracy, that Representative Anthony Weiner was hacked and/or set up.You’ll see her subtweeting and mentioning RedGoat… she’s referring to Mike Stack, a former porn forum moderator with whom she had a long running and very public feud.  !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?’http’:’https’;if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=p+’://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js’;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, ‘script’, ‘twitter-wjs’); Darrah Ford ‏@DarrahFord 2 Jun 2011 Not a political person & I’m late on this … Continue reading Darrah Ford And The WeinerGate Conspiracy

Tweets By OccupyRebellion, Sheridan, May 2013

From the timeline of Sheridan aka OccupyRebellion, May 2013 Tweets OccupyRebellion ” @OccultUnion Yesterday on 4th St. in Moore. #OpOk http://t.co/X90JflP6w5 “ 5/23/2013 4:38:04 PM UTC OccupyRebellion Copy/paste the tweets or quote them from others. Don’t RT in order to get hashtags trending. Use the Obama hashtags listed in the paste. 5/23/2013 4:36:22 PM UTC OccupyRebellion ” @AnonyOps The new Tweetstorm package for Today’s storm is here. https://t.co/UoB5qqgKgK Scheduled for 2pm Eastern US time. “ 5/23/2013 4:35:53 PM UTC OccupyRebellion RT @kpt2005: # 1 Nut job #AlexJones from Info Wars who actually is worse than Rush Limbaugh, says the Government … Continue reading Tweets By OccupyRebellion, Sheridan, May 2013

Tweets By OccupyRebellion AKA Sheridan, June 2012

These tweets are from the timeline of OccupyRebellion aka Sheridan; June 2012 Sun Jun 24 16:50:58 +0000 2012, OccupyRebellion, 216936466750775296, If I was threatening to kill your family, wouldn’t I have done something by now?  Lying fucking CUNT!  @Liberty_Chick Sun Jun 24 16:50:15 +0000 2012, OccupyRebellion, 216936286773194752, While Stranahan & Darby threaten anyone who says anything negative about Breitbart and how they’ll pay for what they’ve done. @Liberty_Chick Sun Jun 24 16:49:29 +0000 2012, OccupyRebellion, 216936090685292546, Your friend John Firman Norton shows up at Brett’s home.  But you lie about us threatening to kill you.  @Liberty_Chick Sun Jun 24 16:47:24 … Continue reading Tweets By OccupyRebellion AKA Sheridan, June 2012

OccupyRebellion Rant May 26, 2013

Crazy OccupyRebellion was known for her rants. Here’s one of them where her topics are UniteBlue and Mike Stack. OccupyRebellion **dies laughing** 5/26/2013 2:35:27 AM UTC OccupyRebellion You would think skating away with nothing more than a Smoking Gun article would make these people get the hint to LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE. 5/26/2013 2:38:34 AM UTC OccupyRebellion Breitbart died of a heart attack. Two weeks ago @TookieW also died of a heart attack. Both did horrible things to people. Get the hint?? 5/26/2013 2:39:59 AM UTC OccupyRebellion Get your own lives, leave people the hell alone, and MOVE ON. 5/26/2013 2:40:31 … Continue reading OccupyRebellion Rant May 26, 2013