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Dr Lee Throws A Party For The Communist Party

The infamous Dr Charles Lee is a fraud at the very least, but in light of the arrest of a Chinese spy at Mar-a-lago last weekend, he might be something a tad more malevolent.  Dr Lee created his odd organization, United Nations Chinese Friendship Association in 2011, and appointed himself as Secretary General. With his impressive, but self created credentials, he’s

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Cindy Yang Does Art Basel

Cindy Yang’s former boss described Cindy Yang as unsophisticated. I’m not sure if he was trying to protect her or throw her under the bus (I’m leaning towards the bus) but unsophisticated isn’t the way I’d describe someone who started multiple businesses, organized major events, and managed to get into Art Basel. Cindy not only had a booth exhibiting art

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Cindy Yang Declared Bankruptcy In 2018

One of Cindy Yang’s numerous companies declared bankruptcy last year.  FuFu International was one of Cindy’s oldest American businesses. It began as FuFu Spa and Massage on November 13th, 2012, but changed names to FuFu International just two weeks later.  Besides being a massage parlor, FuFu International was an art gallery, most likely named after her father, Fuming Yang. FuFu

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