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Cryptostorm, BadBitCoinOrg, AllSquareCat and Neal at CryptoCoin Expo 2014

I can’t imagine why Neal Rauhauser is writing about Cryptocurrency again.  Despite his bad reputation, no credentials, no expertise or experience in the Cryptocurrency field, Neal got a job writing for CryptoCoinsNews.com. At the same time he was also working for BadBitCoin.org (notorious Paycoin shill) and Cryptostorm. Neal wrote articles on the virtues of Paycoin and Cryptostorm VPN. Conflict of

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Rauhauser Worked For PayCoin Shill, BadBitCoinOrg; January 20, 2015

The GawMiner scandal cost investors millions of dollars and GAW is currently under investigation by numerous agencies including the SEC. BadBitCoinOrg is a Twitter account and Blog that is supposed to research and report on good and bad crypto coin opportunities. The blog received a lot of scrutiny and criticism for it’s insistent devotion to GAW and its CEO Josh Garza

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RonBrynaert and Cryptostorm

Ron Brynaert goes after Doug Spink aka Cryptostorm Ron Brynaert @ronbryn ・24 Nov 2014 Is your pal – former InfraGard member Neal Rauhauser – on the crypto_storm team? @allsquarecat@cryptostorm_is https://cryptostorm.org/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=6119 … Mark @ChildDelinquent ・24 Nov 2014 @ronbryn @AllSquareCat @cryptostorm_is carrot asked that before. I think neal is just a supporter Ron Brynaert @ronbryn ・24 Nov 2014 FBI informant Neal Rauhauser

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Meet Fausty aka Doug Spink

Fausty was one of Doug Spink’s online names used when he left comments on forums.  He also had a website by that name. Little did Doug know that the Fausty alias was known to Law Enforcement. The old fausty.org domain now redirects to Doug Spink’s OneName account. This is my simple religion. There’s no need for temples; no need for complicated

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Neal Rauhauser Conversation with CryptoNews; February 2015

Neal Rauhauser initiated retaliation against CoinFireBlog because they reported the SEC investigation into GAWMiners. Neal’s RealityForger account deleted several tweets in this dialogue with CryptoNews but there are enough to give you an idea of how Rauhauser continued to support the GAWMiners ponzi scheme.You can get more info at NealRauhauser.com via Bullyville 24/7 Crypto News‏@247CryptoNews We are horrified of what is

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Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned, AsherahResearch And Cryptostorm 2014

Douglas Spink was originally arrested in 2005 for trying to smuggle 149 Kilos (that’s 328 pounds!) of cocaine across the US/Canada border. Doug received a 3 year sentence much of which was supervised release. In a seizure that helped lead to his downfall, federal agents and Monroe Police last February stopped a car driven by Douglas Spink, one of Kesling’s

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