Siggy Flicker Linked To Brandi Glanville Harasser

This cannot end well for Siggy.  Real Housewives Of New Jersey cast member, Siggy Flicker, is being represented in some fashion by A Diamond PR, a public relations business created by disbarred lawyer and blogger, Vinnie Spina. It also looks like Vinnie is running @SiggyFlicker on Twitter. This is not good. This is the same Vinnie Spina who was outed by Bullyville, as working with hacker and convicted felon, Brandon King, to harass Brandi Glanville.  Vinnie Spina, working in her husband’s law firm under the alias Toni Mollica, created Cyber Security Consulting with King to harass Ms. Glanville, Kristen Johnston and … Continue reading Siggy Flicker Linked To Brandi Glanville Harasser

Joanna Krupa Hooks Up With Glanville Stalker

Another development in #TrollLeaks and #SpinaGate. Recently we reported that Joanna Krupa’s website disappeared in response to Bullyville breaking the news about convicted felon, Brandon King, being hired by Krupa and LeAnne Rimes for “cyber security” which allegedly involved the harassment of Brandi Glanville.   Though he’s made the registrations private, King was the owner of Krupa’s domains,, and, and he built her website. When the media got hold of the story he took the Krupa site down since it had his web design business, 5webz,  listed in the credits. Despite Brandon trying to disappear online, Ms Krupa recently … Continue reading Joanna Krupa Hooks Up With Glanville Stalker

The Paid Troll Gets Mad, King Timeline #SpinaGate #TrollLeaks

This is the timeline of Brandon King Gab account @UMad the day BEFORE Bullyville published the transcript of King’s delinquent child support hearing which started the uproar over allegations that LeAnn Rimes hired King to harass Brandi Glanville. There’s no question that Spina and King harassed Glanville and other celebrities as well as their fans and that Spina and King had a business together called Cyber Security Consulting but perhaps someday a formal investigation will be conducted into the allegations of paid harassment. In the timeline below, note that Brandon says he doesn’t know Vinnie Spina. In the court transcripts … Continue reading The Paid Troll Gets Mad, King Timeline #SpinaGate #TrollLeaks

Did Leeann Rimes Hire A Hacker To Harass Kristen Johnston?

Did she or didn’t she? Most everyone is hearing about Brandon King and his trolling of Brandi Glanville for the first time. While there may be questions as to whether Leeann Rimes hired convicted felon Brandon King to harass on her behalf, there is no question that Kristen Johnston was one of King’s targets. Ms. Johnston, known as @KjoTheSmartAss on Twitter, chronicled the details of her harassment almost THREE YEARS AGO in 2014. The harassment of celebrities and their fans by Brandon King and his boss, Vincenza Leonelli-Spina, has been going on that long. Spina and King used a lot … Continue reading Did Leeann Rimes Hire A Hacker To Harass Kristen Johnston?

Brandi Glanville Stalker Files Harassment Charges

Yes. Brandon King, convicted felon and ex hacker, who was outed earlier this week as having harassed Brandi Glanville online on behalf of Leann Rimes claims he has filed harassment charges against James McGibney of Bullyville and… me. Me! Yes, me, Zile!  Really! Brandon apparently fired harassment charges with the New Braunfels police department sometime late February or early March because I have said mean things about him on this blog. Brandon filed his charges before Bullyville outed him to the media as the man who harassed Brandi Glanville for Leann Rimes. Oops! I’m thinking that it was probably not … Continue reading Brandi Glanville Stalker Files Harassment Charges