The Three Little Pigs

Here we have Buckwheat, Brandon and Saint Jen discussing the stories that were published on The Dirty and Perez Hilton celebrity news sites alleging Brandon King was paid to troll and harass Brandi Glanville and Real Housewive’s fans. The news broke March 24th but this conversation took place on August 9th. I think in light of the current circumstances, of which I am not allowed to talk about, the last two tweets are very interesting, especially “according to investigators” but I’m not allowed to say why. I took the liberty of replacing their avatar pics with some of my own. I … Continue reading The Three Little Pigs

Twitter Suspends Alleged Brandi Glanville Troll

The main account of a well known Twitter troll who was allegedly hired to harass Brandi Glanville was suspended today. Brandon King made headlines earlier this year after Bullyville released a court transcript where King confessed to being employed by the Spina Law Firm of New Jersey to perform assorted cyber security tasks, including “identifying troll accounts”. King is well known on Twitter for his participation in the harassment and trolling of Reality celebrities and their fans. He posted doxes (personal information) of nearly two dozen people publicly online and participated in harassing actress Kristen Johnston, as she chronicled on her … Continue reading Twitter Suspends Alleged Brandi Glanville Troll

Paid Troll Of Real Housewives Publicist Gets Suspended. Again

What a nice day! The infamous Brandon King had two of his Twitter accounts, @twe9000 and @dirtreynolds_ suspended today. This is the same Brandon King who made a few headlines around the country when it was discovered that he was involved in the Glanville, Rimes feud and was paid by the Spina Law Firm, and several celebrities, to “identify trolls” on Twitter. “Identify Trolls” is the legally correct way to admit to using the resources of a law firm to illegally access, distribute and publicly post the personally identifying information of people you don’t like in order to harass and … Continue reading Paid Troll Of Real Housewives Publicist Gets Suspended. Again

Brandon And The KKK

Whatever face might be presented publicly, you don’t have to dig too deep to find the racist lurking behind the mask. In the case of Charlottesville, Brandon takes the side of the Alt Right and Andrew Anglin and uses “alternative facts” to make his case for racism. The first tweet is absolutely incorrect. GoDaddy does not consistently refuse to enforce DMCA complaints. They have a legal team and a reputation for their knee jerk response to suspend a website before and during the investigation of a copyright complaint. But GoDaddy also insists that DMCA requests are filed properly and are … Continue reading Brandon And The KKK

A Bad Week For Disbarred Lawyer

Well, things are getting interesting in New Jersey but not quite in the way predicted by the psychic troll, Brandon King. Brandon is Vinnie’s paid henchman and he predicted I’d be going to jail which was wishful thinking more than a possibility. The charges Vinnie filed against me were bumped down to the Municipal court. And Vinnie changed her plea to something like “cyber harassment via communication with the intent to annoy the delicate sensibilities of disbarred lawyers” or something like that. I prefer to call it “telling the truth” because it’s shorter, easier to spell and well, the truth.  … Continue reading A Bad Week For Disbarred Lawyer

Brandon As Umad Gets Mad On GAB

A major qualification required of a paid troll on social media is being able to maintain composure even when your target responds in kind to your attacks.  Letting one’s emotions get the better of one is very unprofessional troll behavior. Brandon’s anger management issues always defeat his trolling efforts. Then he resorts to ad hominem attacks to try and recover which is a sign of an amateur troll and typical behavior of a grade school child. Brandon was suspended from Gab because he was bad at trolling. He then started trolling Andrew Torba, the passive agressive CEO of Gab, from the … Continue reading Brandon As Umad Gets Mad On GAB

I Smell Bacon! Lawsuit Against Real Housewives Publicist Continues

Is that bacon I smell? Yesterday (Friday) was another hearing for defendant Vinnie Leonelli-Spina aka Toni Mollica aka Faux Reality in the lawsuit against her filed by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Fund.  The last episode in this drama we found out Vinnie had not been cooperating in the discovery process which prompted opposing Attorney McCormick to file a motion asking the court to skip to the end and make a judgment in the case. Trying to translate what I see in the docket, it looks like there’s a mediation taking place and an extention to Discovery which will end September … Continue reading I Smell Bacon! Lawsuit Against Real Housewives Publicist Continues

Wrong. Again.

The charges Vinnie Leonelli-Spina filed against me were reduced to a petty misdemeanor. The hearing was to be today but it was postponed because my lawyer couldn’t make it. Nobody showed up, Brandon, because the hearing was rescheduled. And I wasn’t required to be there.  continued below the commercial break ~~~~~~~~~~~~ just a note here asking you to please donate to Justice For Zile! Donations accepted via PayPal here JUSTICE FOR ZILE IronTroll blog is fighting against 3 harassment charges! Yes 3! Filed by the same person! A donation from you would help with legal expenses and be greatly appreciated! … Continue reading Wrong. Again.

Zile Moonlights In Massage Parlor!

Brandon is working overtime doxing and trolling for his employer, the Spina Law firm. Now he’s doxed me as running a naughty massage business. In Brandon’s world, doxing doesn’t have to be accurate for him to post, it doesn’t even have to be the right person. The dox just has to be useful. So as I stated yesterday, the next court hearing concerning Vinnie’s charges against me has been postponed. Brandon seems to think the reasons are other than what I stated. Update for the Paid Doxer: The postponement has nothing to do with me because I’m not required to … Continue reading Zile Moonlights In Massage Parlor!