Comedy Central Owns Lee Stranahan

Lee Stranahan got owned by Kobi Libii of the Comedy Central show The Opposition With Jordan Klepper. Stranahan is known at IronTroll for having been involved in a long and tedious feud between political bloggers, Stacy McCain, William Hoge, Bill Schmalfeldt, Matt Osborne and others. It got pretty nasty with SWATtings, restraining orders and lawsuits. Stranahan is currently writing for Breitbart News. Again. He wrote there before but then quit and then he worked there again but then quit and now he’s back there again until he quits. Right before this latest return to Breitbart, Stranahan was working for the Russian … Continue reading Comedy Central Owns Lee Stranahan

Stephen Bannon And The New Swamp

This post is part of a series documenting the new swamp being created on capitol hill by Stephen Bannon. It details the relationships between Stephen Bannon and billionaire, Robert Mercer, his daughter Rebekah Mercer and other assorted characters on the Far Right. Stephen Bannon and certified public accountant, Steves Rodriguez, have a relationship that goes back many years. Rodriguez isn’t just Bannon’s accountant, he’s also been in business ventures with Bannon. Rodriguez has been the registered agent for most of Bannon’s businesses and he was the accountant for several of Bannon’s movie productions.     Currently Rodriguez is with the accounting … Continue reading Stephen Bannon And The New Swamp

Breitbart Attacks Kelloggs; December, 2016

Breitbart is trying to start another movement! This time it’s a boycott on Kelloggs after the iconic cereal company pulled it’s advertising from Breitbart News. For some reason Kellogg’s felt that their brand might suffer being associated with the Alt Right, White Supremacy, and Pepe the frog.  Breitbart News, which transformed itself from a creepy far right blog into a CREEPY CONSERVATIVE MEDIA GIANT is retaliating against Kelloggs by getting their readers to sign a petition (? a petition?) to boycott Kelloggs. Breitbart is also posting negative articles attacking Kelloggs.  Smear campaigns are a specialty of Breitbarts but Tony the … Continue reading Breitbart Attacks Kelloggs; December, 2016

Andrew Breitbart Involved In #PizzaGate Pedo Ring

The Alt Right has been all aflutter with their latest Conspiracy Theory called pizzagate. This is an alleged pedophile ring composed of elite politicians that’s centered around a pizza parlor. The political pedos use food names as code words to discuss their hobby. The really delicious thing about pizzagate is that it’s a conspiracy theory with conspiracy theories!  The Alt Right have decided Andrew Breitbart was murdered because he stumbled onto the secret of pizzagate. And Infowars reported the coronor who performed the autopsy died from arsenic poisoning. We can all ignore that Breitbart was mildy obese and suffered from … Continue reading Andrew Breitbart Involved In #PizzaGate Pedo Ring

Yes! The Trump Campaign Is Outsourcing Overseas

Yes, Mr America First, he who wants to keep jobs in America, is outsourcing demographic research for his campaign by using a company based in England. Cambridge Analytica is a new high tech data gathering business owned by billionaire Robert Mercer but it’s based in England. In fact, Cambridge Analytica were consultants for the LEAVE campaign behind Brexit.   In America, Mercer and his daughter, Becky, wanted Cruz as president so Cambridge Analytica was used by Keep The Promise #1 to aid Cruz in his campaign. Not surprisingly, Keep The Promise #1 was backed by Robert Mercer. After Cruz dropped … Continue reading Yes! The Trump Campaign Is Outsourcing Overseas

Trumps Meme Maker, Fishbonehead On Disqus

Here’s some more from @Fishbonehead1. These are a few of his comments found on Disqus Link to Fishbonehead  disqus account fishbonehead @fishbonehead 296 Upvotes Comments 96 Recommends Followers 0 Following 0 Discussion on Twitchy 61 comments Honest question: How does Hillary Clinton get her head to move like this? fishbonehead a month ago Officially INSANE! Discussion on Breitbart News Network 285 comments Gay Refugee Not Welcome on American Campus Posts Devastating Message on School’s Facebook Page fishbonehead Pushka a month ago Gaykspeare… Discussion on The Gateway Pundit 201 comments Burlington College Feels the Bern! Will Close Thanks to Crushing Debt Acquired … Continue reading Trumps Meme Maker, Fishbonehead On Disqus

Rauhauser Deleted Twitter Timeline; May, 2016

Here’s Neal Rauhauser’s deleted Twitter timeline for May, 2016 @canadianglen Shylo Acuna might be in line for some sort of award @canadianglen Isn’t the internet great? You act crazy today, by tonight whole world knows about it, then forgotten by tomorrow. @canadianglen And sometimes you get half a million dollars worth of butthurt and INSIST that everyone pay attention to you. I have this darned @Amazon Prime thing, mostly because I order parts for customers. But there is @Amazon Prime video. I don’t know what to watch. Sampled @OrphanBlack, kind of meh on it. @AllSquareCat We’ve never actually determined … Continue reading Rauhauser Deleted Twitter Timeline; May, 2016