Josh Garza "Why Are We Still Here"; February 23, 2015

Six weeks after MrCEO, Josh Garza, posted “If it’s all a scam? Then why are we still here?”. That bit of BS was promoted by Garza’s toadie @BadBitCoinOrg. Two months after he made that statement Garza was no longer “still here”. He fled the US to Belgium and then to Dubai until the government there threw him out. ‏@Badbitcoinorg Feb 23 To all the empty vessels, fudsters and trolls #XPY #paycoin If it’s all a scam – Then answer this. … The original statement can be seen  here. via the wayback machine. Continue reading Josh Garza "Why Are We Still Here"; February 23, 2015

GarzaGate Part 1, A Quick History

From the executive offices of Cantor Fitzgerald to the studios of Bollywood, one of the most ambitious confidence games ever to hit the internet is GarzaGate: the bizarre business contortions of Homero “Josh” Garza and his clusterfuck of companies, websites and grandiose schemes. GarzaGate may not involve the most amount of money swindled from investors but it wins the grand prize in terms of the amount of investors and number of countries involved. And drama. GarzaGAte has got the drama. Lies and broken promises, shattered dreams, betrayal, deceit, collusion, secret deals, death threats, dead bunnies (yes, dead bunnies) and of course, … Continue reading GarzaGate Part 1, A Quick History