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Catfish Ala Mode

Update: It’s 7 accounts of Gary’s that were suspended. In less than a week Catfish Gary had 6 of his Twitter accounts suspended with another suspension about to occur. I can understand a tween or young teen creating social media accounts solely for the purpose of trolling because that’s entertainment for them, but I have no idea what motivates a

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The Return Of Catfish Gary

Some people refuse to change no matter what the consequences have been for their bad choices in the past. Gary LaFollette is one of those people. At 47 years old, he’s a 4 times divorced, Aryan hipster, trying to be 25 again on Twitter. Catfish Gary’s new account is @Xmode_Lives. He’s using the same avatar and acting out just as he was

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Dryvying CEO, Catfish Craig Brittain Buys Fake Testimonials; 2015

Craig Brittain got busted using fake testimonials for his Uber ripoff startup called Dryvying.  Craig is certainly not the first person to use fiverr.com to buy cheap, fake, business promotions, the bizarre website, ToddandClaire.com, also did that. But you’d think Brittain would have already learned not to try and scam the public after being busted for being the owner of the

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Former Maryland Deputy DA And Catfish Suspended By Twitter And Blogger. Again.

Marcie claims she’s being unfairly censored in being suspended by Twitter for using multiple accounts to abuse others. She claims she only had one account which may be true.  Marcie hasn’t figured out that multiple accounts doesn’t necessarily mean having several accounts simultaneously. It also refers to Serial Accounts, where she creates a new account after each time she gets

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Former Prosecutor Does Detailed Psychological Analysis On Rihanna; Oct, 2012

This article is a good example of why the former prosecutor from Maryland has a restraining order against her. My detailed psychological analysis on Marcie is that she doesn’t realize her opinions on people she’s never met are drug induced imaginary fabrications akin to hallucinations that have no basis in reality other than being projections of her own inadequacies. Link

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Former Criminal Prosecutor Blogs About Dating, October 2012

Detailed psychological analysis from a former criminal prosecutor is incredibly ironic. As are the comments about catfishing. There is a former criminal prosecutor for Maryland who used old pictures and pictures of her younger niece in some of her online dating profiles. Link To Source Why Match Doesn’t Work: Enjoy! By FormerCriminalProsecutor Sun Oct 7, 2012 8:51 AM Like many of

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