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Retzlaff Expects $292,000?

Tommy Retzlaff gets all the info on what’s going to happen in Texas before it happens! Even though he’s not a party to the suit somehow he’s privy to what attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and lawfirm, Hanszen Laport, are going to do before they do it.A motion for sanctions against ViaView was submitted on Friday, September 4th and then withdrawn again. The

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Retzlaff Contempt Of Court Trial September 24th

September 24th is Tom Retzlaff’s Contempt Of Court trial with Judge Manoukian in San Jose. The judge has not been impressed with Tommy’s legal maneuverings thus far. You can get an idea what Manoukian thinks from this previous post.  The hearing is to address Tommy’s ignoring restraining orders and refusal to show up for previous court hearings. Tommy has stated

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More Basko Sauce

Sue has problems telling the truth. She now claims I’m stalking and defaming her, that I’ve photoshopped her comments on autism. That’s crazy since it’s an old story from 2011 that appeared in several blogs on the internet. The following are just a few places the story can be found: http://lizditz.typepad.com/i_speak_of_dreams/2011/12/attorney-claims-autism-parents-are-just-in-it-for-the-ssi-gravytrain.html http://www.harpocratesspeaks.com/2011/12/how-not-to-make-fool-of-yourself-on.html http://leftbrainrightbrain.co.uk/2011/12/12/ignorance-adds-to-stigma-again/ http://leftbrainrightbrain.co.uk/2011/12/16/from-a-comment-on-a-la-times-article-to-a-tiny-streisand-effect/ http://www.defshepherd.com/2011/12/update-la-times-autism-story-comment.html I don’t know if Sue

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ViaView v Retzlaff Hearing Delayed Until Sept 24th

Due to a technicality, the contempt of court hearing for Thomas Retzlaff will be delayed until September 24th. As the proceedings began, the courtroom held numerous spectators including those who work in the courthouse itself who have had to endure harassment by Retzlaff and friends. Tommy, of course, didn’t show up. Shortly into the hearing, ViaView was asked for a Certificate of

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