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Miley Apologizes To CityOf Flint; 2016

I ran across this in my files, it’s probably from 2016.  Once again, Miley admits to bad behavior and forging tweets but uses her imaginary friend, Sweet Pea to blame it on her other imaginary friend, Carl, and Real Housewives stalker, Vinnie Spina. Also true to form Sweet Pea asks that Miley not be held to blame. It’s nice that

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Sanguinarious and C1tyofFl1nt; October 2016

This thread from October of 2016 is short but says a lot. It starts with Sanguinarious aka William Welna, failed hacker and informant, making an accusation against well known and respected activist @C1TYofFL1NT. Joining in the conversation is a parody account of Welna calling itself @FatWillieWelna. Not too long after this conversation, Flint was suspended by the Twitter gods. Sang

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