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Trina And The Pedophile

The individuals in the conversation thread below were members of Connect The Left and deeply invested in the silly melodrama that UniteBlue was going to steal liberals and turn them into conservatives through voodoo or something.  Some members of Connect The Left were upset that fellow member Bill Talley aka Political_Bill was asked to join the UniteBlue advisory board. They

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EileenLeft and PoliticolNews Smear UniteBlue…Again; April, 2013

Canadian Conspiracy Theorist Teri Salvador aka PoliticolNews and Claudia Parks aka EileenLeft worked hard to smear UniteBlue. Along with Trina Cuppett they created elaborate, and way too many, conspiracy theories regarding UB that strained credulity.  Politicolnews ‏@Politicolnews Apr 3 When you twitter bomb against a Democrat, you twitter bomb against the Left. That’s Not Connecting The Left. cc @EileenLeft Eileen

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EileenLeft Lies Again; February 2013

EileenLeft made a huge drama after she screwed up ConnectTheLeft. She may have started the #ConnectTheLeft hashtag but she did little with it.  It was basically a Follow Back club and not very successful at that either.After several years EileenLefts membership list for ConnectTheLeft was around 1200 people. The group had no stated goals and no leadership, it wasn’t going

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Alan Rosenblatt DrDigiPol Is Confused; March 3, 2013

EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks claimed she’d trademarked ConnectTheLeft. This was untrue, she trademarked her name but ConnectTheLeft was never trademarked. It was a hashtag, not a brand.She also claimed ownership of the ConnectTheLeft Twitter account, this was also untrue. It was owned by Simon Cowan who gave it to UniteBlue, it wasn’t sold.Mr Rosenblatt, a member of ConnectTheLeft, elected himself

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drdigipol Alan Rosenblatt Investigation FAIL

Alan Rosenblatt gets a Potato Award for misreading his own “evidence”. Alan Rosenblatt @drdigipol @Political_Bill Evidence: UniteBlue was created 8/23/2011 (called ConnectTheLeft at time): bit.ly/YgHyli Alan Rosenblatt @drdigipol @Political_Bill But Simon offers screen snap as evidence he created the ConnectTheLeft account on Aug 22, 2011 bit.ly/YgDkKk To the members of #UniteBlue and to @EileenLeft,   I am Simon (@SayethSimon) and anyone

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