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The GAW Website You Never Saw; Josh Garza And The Crypto Private Investor Group

Before I get to the Bollywood ending to GAWminers I thought I should post some background info.  By the time Neal Rauhauser posted his False Light and Tortious Interference manifesto inciting people to attack the Coinfireblog after they broke the news that GAWminers was going to be investigated by the SEC, Josh Garza had already worked out his exit strategy. 

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Oops! Million Dollar CPIG Web Domain Is Missing! More #Cryptocurrency Conundrums

In August of last year Josh Garza paid a million dollars for the BTC.com website. Today the website disappeared.Coincidentally, also today was the launch of reservations for the new CoinCard credit card by CPIG. That site is also MIA. These strange happenings could be a repeat of Garza once again changing his mind or Garza once again finding he can’t deliver

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Top Seekrit Domains Owned By Top Seekrit Crypto Private Investor Group AKA Josh Garza

UPDATE: I just published this post and noticed that the announcement for the new Coincard came from a domain name not on the list. Sure enough, another CPIG domain, registered May 11th. I added the screencap at the bottom The Top Seekrit Crypto Private Investor Group or cPIG as most people are calling it, claims to be a group dedicated

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