RonBrynaert and Cryptostorm

Ron Brynaert goes after Doug Spink aka Cryptostorm Ron Brynaert @ronbryn ・24 Nov 2014 Is your pal – former InfraGard member Neal Rauhauser – on the crypto_storm team? @allsquarecat@cryptostorm_is … Mark @ChildDelinquent ・24 Nov 2014 @ronbryn @AllSquareCat @cryptostorm_is carrot asked that before. I think neal is just a supporter Ron Brynaert @ronbryn ・24 Nov 2014 FBI informant Neal Rauhauser was in Infragard & security firm accused of spying on activists @ChildDelinquent @AllSquareCat @cryptostorm_is Ron Brynaert @ronbryn ・24 Nov 2014 I presume that FBI informant Neal Rauhauser – at least – uses an alias at Cryptostorm forum. @ChildDelinquent @AllSquareCat @cryptostorm_is … Continue reading RonBrynaert and Cryptostorm

Doug Spink, Political Prisoner; February, 2011

Doug Spink wrote a very long review in 2011 but attached a lengthy bio of himself written in the third person. We have that down below… he wrote the bio too. It’s very alternate reality.In the reality everyone else lives in, smuggling cocaine across an international border is a crime. Spink was charged with that crime and sentenced. His sentence was reduced because of his cooperation with law enforcement but there was nothing political about it. Douglas Bryan LeConte-Spink is a co-founder of Baneki Privacy Computing — a no-compromise provider of world-class network security and privacy services.  He carries an MBA … Continue reading Doug Spink, Political Prisoner; February, 2011

Meet Fausty aka Doug Spink

Fausty was one of Doug Spink’s online names used when he left comments on forums.  He also had a website by that name. Little did Doug know that the Fausty alias was known to Law Enforcement. The old domain now redirects to Doug Spink’s OneName account. This is my simple religion. There’s no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple, the philosophy is kindness. – HH The Dalai Lama Hi, I’m Fausty . . . yes that Fausty 🙂 There’s a bit of a cottage industry specializing in Fausty-related trivia. Personally, I think … Continue reading Meet Fausty aka Doug Spink

Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned, AsherahResearch And Cryptostorm 2014

Douglas Spink was originally arrested in 2005 for trying to smuggle 149 Kilos (that’s 328 pounds!) of cocaine across the US/Canada border. Doug received a 3 year sentence much of which was supervised release. In a seizure that helped lead to his downfall, federal agents and Monroe Police last February stopped a car driven by Douglas Spink, one of Kesling’s drug couriers, and confiscated 149 kilograms of cocaine with an approximate street value of $34 million. And that, the judge noted, “was just one shipment.” Though Spink has denied cooperating with Feds, his version of events never seem to line … Continue reading Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned, AsherahResearch And Cryptostorm 2014

Humane Society Deposition From Doug Spink Trial, September 2013

This deposition is from the trial of Doug Spink in 2013. The witness is Laura Clark, Executive Director of the Whatcom County Humane Society, and she describes some of what she saw when Spink’s farm was raided.Spink claims Ms Clark lied and was part of a conspiracy to keep him in prison.Recent events would indicate that Douglas needs no outside help in getting himself jailed. Laura Clark deposition transcript SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR WHATCOM COUNTYINTERVIEW OF LAURA CLARK—————————–TIME: 2:30 PMDATE TAKEN: September 23, 2013LOCATION: 300 North Commercial StreetBellingham, WashingtonREPORTED BY: Debra L. Rietfort, CSR No. 2286APPEARANCESJAMES TURNERAttorney at Law[contact … Continue reading Humane Society Deposition From Doug Spink Trial, September 2013

The Strange Seekrit Online World Of Doug Spink

These are some of the links and accounts I found months ago that are, or were, associated with Doug Spink.  I thought he was worth investigating because some of the statements he made on his website were total crap. The idea that Animal Control and FBI conspired together to frame him and stick in prison was ridiculous. And his justifications for having sex with animals are similar to those made by pedophiles. I didn’t have time to delve further into all his companies and shenanigans but there’s plenty here. Doug was into aliases to hide his identity, like Roland Childe and Katana … Continue reading The Strange Seekrit Online World Of Doug Spink

Super Seekrit CryptoStorm Creator Spink Arrested…Again

Poor Neal and Lyndsey and all the rest of the AllCatPack who have been promoting, working on, using, and supporting Doug Spink’s super seekrit VPN service. The allcatpack worked so hard to con people into using Spink’s Virtual Private Network, Cryptostorm despite that his last VPN service, Cryptocloud, went belly up when Spink was arrested for drug smuggling and sent to prison.Doug turned informant to get a reduced sentence and put on supervised release but then he screwed that up and ended back in prison for violating the terms of his parole. He was supposed to keep his hands off computers and animals. … Continue reading Super Seekrit CryptoStorm Creator Spink Arrested…Again