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Hashtaker Question And Answers With GAWCEO; January 2015

This is a question and answer session from the late Hashtalk website before Josh Garza shut it down.  GAWCEO AdminModeratorIndustry Innovator HashStaker Q&A Let’s hear those questions. Ask away! To get us started answering popular questions, one 3 month $9.95 HashStaker will make between $12-$20 in payouts for the life of the HashStaker, (in this example, in 3 months.) HashStake

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GAWMiner Lawsuit Has New Website

The lawsuit against Josh Garza and GAWMiners is moving slowly but surely. Those organizing the effort recently changed lawyers due to the sheer volume of plaintiffs and complaints. They also have a new website, gawsuit.com dedicated to handling defendent’s claims.As I’ve said before, GAWMiners was probably one of the largest ponzi scams ever, perhaps not in terms of money but

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Rauhauser Manifesto: False Light & Tortious Interference; January 2015

I’ve posted this before but it always makes me laugh when I find it on teh googlez. You can see it in its original form preserved FOREVER on the wayback machine here along with 2 other comments he madeNeal posted his False Light manifesto after CoinFireBlog posted an article announcing that GAWminers was being investigated my the SEC. This post by

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Badbitcoinorg Continues To Defend GAW, January 6, 2015

There was a lot of excitement when Paycoin (aka XPY) first came on the market on December 12th, 2014. GAWMiner CEO, Josh Garza, had guaranteed an eventual price floor of $20 per coin backed by huge investors and financial institutions. People invested in Paycoin thinking they’d make a bundle when the coin value reached the guaranteed $20. That didn’t happen,

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The Integrity Of BadBitcoinOrg; March, 2015

The following Twitter timeline took place a month after the SEC announced it was investigating GAWMiners yet BadBitcoin still insists that GAWMiners is being maligned, the victim of a hate campaign.  BadBitcoinOrg is a website and Twitter account that warns the public about cryptocurrency scams and ponzi schemes. The owner of the website had a small disclaimer on its website

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