Court Transcript With RHONJ Publicist, March 22nd 2018

Below is the court transcript from the March 22nd hearing in the harassment cases filed against Shari and myself by Siggy Flicker’s friend and publicist, Vinnie Spina. This hearing addressed the bench warrants that were issued for my arrest. Unfortunately my attorney had to school the judge on what representation means. The “unidentified woman” in the transcript is the complainant, Vinnie Spina. You’ll notice several points in the transcript where Vinnie appears to be trying to take over as prosecutor.  Though she was the complainant, technically, Vinnie Spina was not a party to the case, yet she showed up for every … Continue reading Court Transcript With RHONJ Publicist, March 22nd 2018

Victory For #MeToo Movement, Thomas Ravenel Arrested

Like many women, the MeToo movement gave Nanny Dawn the strength to break her silence.  Known for her time on Southern Charm, she filed a complaint with the Charleston police in May of this year, and then went public with her allegation that in 2015, Thomas Ravenel raped her while his young child slept in the next room. In filing her complaint, Nanny Dawn wasn’t expecting to get justice, because she didn’t think her case would ever go to court. But she did hope to be an example for other women, as a very public sexual assault victim, she hoped … Continue reading Victory For #MeToo Movement, Thomas Ravenel Arrested

Update: Rapey McRapenel Quits Twitter And Returns

Update: Ravenel restored his account later the same day. It looks like he took his account down to delete tweets involving Ashley Jacobs and Luzanne Otte. Maybe his crisis management team is still at work?   For those who wondered about the meme in the header, Ravenel is standing in front of the flag of Kenya. Ask around, you’ll find out what that means. Meanwhile, TamaraTattles has some interesting tea on Ravenel. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disgraced and fired Southern Charm cast member, Thomas Ravenel, deleted his Twitter account today. But then he doesn’t really need one any longer. After Ravenel was threatened with a … Continue reading Update: Rapey McRapenel Quits Twitter And Returns

Rapey McRapenel Quits Southern Charm. Again

As predicted, Thomas Ravenel has announced that he’s quitting Southern Charm, which is a quaint way of covering that he hasn’t been asked back.  Ravenel has threatened to quit before but this time I think he’s gone for good. His contract isn’t going to be renewed while he’s under investigation for sexual assault. No doubt if the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements didn’t exist, Ravenel would be out hunting down a new girlfriend for Season 6. But Bravo and Haymaker are afraid of the negative PR if they knowingly give a new contract to an alleged sexual assaulter. It might make them look like … Continue reading Rapey McRapenel Quits Southern Charm. Again

My Court Case Resumes September 20th In New Jersey

Finally! Another hearing has been scheduled for the harassment charges filed against me. It will be September 20th, making it month 17 of the crazy attempt to chill my free speech. The same judge will be presiding, so the request to get her recused, which caused the case to be reviewed, did not succeed. The proceeding will continue where it left off… Which was back in May with my lawyers about to do an oral argument to have the case dismissed. There apparently was some drama in the court because all the warrants against me were dismissed. The hearing ended … Continue reading My Court Case Resumes September 20th In New Jersey

Ashley Jacobs Terminated As Girlfriend

Southern Charm may be over on the television but the drama continues, particularly on social media. The latest news is that Ashley Jacobs has lost her job as girlfriend of Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm and in real life.  According to Ravenel’s personal blog, All About The Tea, Ashley Jacobs was also fired by Haymaker, which is kind of weird since she wasn’t a paid cast member and isn’t the cast member accused of sexually assaulting several women. Her erratic behavior is supposedly the reason… Erratic behavior on a reality show? Imagine that. Actually, Ashley being fired as Ravenel’s girlfriend … Continue reading Ashley Jacobs Terminated As Girlfriend

Southern Harm; Reality Bites

You have to give Bravo credit for being masters of spin. Their Southern Charm reunion show addressed Thomas Ravenel’s absence, the sexual assault allegations against him and the #MeToo movement as if Bravo actually cared about people more than ratings.   Bravo is dealing with Ravenel like they did with Siggy. He’s out. His contract is over and he won’t be getting a new one. After the final reunion show, there’ll probably be an announcement from Ravenel that he’s decided to leave the show to deal with his legal problems and to spend more time with his family. Bravo and … Continue reading Southern Harm; Reality Bites

The Tea On Tea? It Tastes Like #VToo

People like to argue and fight. They always have, they always will. That’s really obvious when you look at social media, particularly the accounts involved in politics. But if you think the fighting between liberals and conservatives is bad, you should see the interactions between reality show fans. They are, to put it very mildly, a passionate group of people. But as seems to always be the case, some people go too far. They get too invested in their battles and cross the border between freedom of expression and harassment. For years there’s been a group of people going after … Continue reading The Tea On Tea? It Tastes Like #VToo