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Some Sabu Tweets

Hector Monsegur aka SABU was arrested on June 7, 2011. He became an FBI informant on June 8th. During his time with the FBI, Sabu is alleged to have prevented 300 cyber attacks on assorted government and media websites. His information led to the identification and conviction of at least 8 of his cohorts. These are a few interesting tweets

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SABU and Sanguinarious, The Big Boys Chat; March 30, 2012

Below is Sabu chatting with m45t3rs4d0w8 aka Sanguinarious aka William Welna on March 30, 2012. By then Sabu had been outed as a Federal Informant.  Sanguinarious tried to be a Federal informant but his intel wasn’t good enough so he was “let go” and taken off the payroll. It’s interesting reading the conversation between Sabu and Sang where they discuss Sabu’s arrest,

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Neal and Sang Once Again. Snitches Have Itches

More tweets from Sanguinarious’s locked account.  Sang has locked his account because he is afraid of snitches.Once again, Sang is tweeting with his (former) enemy, Neal Rauhauser. They are talking about snitches. Both gentlemen are failed federal informants. Note that Infragard is mentioned. Rauhauser was once a member of Infragard. And Project Vigilant.  He collects information on other people and uses

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Meet The Cast, Deleted Rauhauser blog Post; 2012

This post appeared on Neal Rauhauser’s blog in 2012. Take everything Rauhauser says with a grain of salt, he lies as easily as he breathes. MEET THE CAST This is all getting a little muddled – three big right wing conspiracy theories, half a dozen hoaxes, four Congressional races, thirty individuals, and a smattering of civil and criminal matters I haven’t even begun

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On The FBI Raid, Barrett Brown Pastebin; March 7, 2012

The following was posted on pastebin in March of 2012 the day after the mother of Barret Brown’s home was raided. Barrett was eventually arrested on September 12th, 2012.  In 2015 he finally went to court after pleading guilty to charges of transmitting threats, accessory to a cyber-attack, and obstruction of justice. He was given a five-year prison term and ordered to

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