Feral Andie Pauly

Here are some of Andie Pauly’s Tweets that include her favorite word “feral”.Feral is her code for the N-word but she’d never use that word… publicly anyway. andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam  12h12 hours ago @bradgifford1  The feral progressives stalking me are certainly not the brightest individuals. andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam  13h13 hours ago andieiam ed aranza Becky is slang for a white woman who performs sex acts on black men.  Is this feral a racist?   andieiam added, aranza  @rowankiss look whos talking, becky https://twitter.com/andieiamwhoiam/status/665355914338136064 … andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam  13h13 hours ago andieiam ed aranza Look.  Another racist feral progressive shows her tolerance.  Irony. andieiam … Continue reading Feral Andie Pauly

Andie Gets Her Salad Tossed

Another court case involving Andy Pauly aka Angela Schmidt. This one involved an altercation over an alleged broken tooth and a salad. This led to her suing the city of Lockport along with a couple of police officers. SCHMIDT v. CITY OF LOCKPORT, ILL. NO. 98 C 5038. 67 F.Supp.2d 938 (1999) Angela SCHMIDT, Plaintiff, v. CITY OF LOCKPORT, ILLINOIS, Shanna Preikschat, Officer Wrona, and Anthony Konidaris, Defendants. United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division. October 14, 1999. Kenneth N. Flaxman, Kenneth N. Flaxman, P.C., Chicago, IL, for plaintiff.William W. Kurnik, Michelle Jeanette Hirsch, Kurnik, Cipolla, Stephenson & Barasha, … Continue reading Andie Gets Her Salad Tossed

Inside Andie Pauly, It’s Not All Black And White

By definition, a racist is someone who believes a particular race is superior to another. In the United States, this is someone Caucasian believing they are superior to minorities (generally Blacks) simply because their skin is white. Though there’s no difference between the races other than the amount of melanin and a bit of bone structure, these people persist in pointing out reasons why Blacks are inferior. Andie Pauly has earned herself a reputation for being one of the most vocal racists on Twitter. From looking at her blog, Divine Theater, she gives the impression of someone artsy and pretentious, a … Continue reading Inside Andie Pauly, It’s Not All Black And White

Payne V Pauly Excessive Force and Wrongful Arrest.

Michael Pauly, the husband of racist Andie Pauly, was found guilty of excessive force and wrongful arrest. Not a good idea to have a cop who uses racial epithets on the force. Date: 07-14-2003 Case Style: Barbara Payne v. Michael Pauley Case Number: 02-2674 Judge: Rovner Court: United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Plaintiff’s Attorney: Unknown Defendant’s Attorney: Unknown Description: Upon learning that her fifteenyear- old son had crashed a truck into a house, Barbara Payne rushed to the scene of the accident. There she encountered Chicago Heights Police Officer, Michael Pauley. Both parties dispute what happened in the ensuing fortyfive minutes, but at … Continue reading Payne V Pauly Excessive Force and Wrongful Arrest.

Gary And Andie And Revenge Porn

Political discussions and arguments have been going on for as long as leaders have been elected. People bicker, fight, throw shoes, duel and kill over their political beliefs. Fortunately there are now laws that make differences of opinion a little more civilized. Of course, that means that the laws have to be obeyed…Andie Pauley of Joliet, Illinois, likes to post racist comments. She refers to Blacks as “feral”. Tara likes to retweet Andie and mock her. Then enters noob Gary LaFollette of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He decided to come to Andie Pauley’s rescue. He catfished Tara and managed to get a nude … Continue reading Gary And Andie And Revenge Porn