Neal Rauhauser Comments On

The following are Neal Rauhauser’s comments from the website which was shut down by its owner, Josh Garza the CEO of GAW Miners. The site was briefly reincarnated as before Garza closed it down again on June 15th. GAWCEO is Josh Garza, the conman who pulled off a huge Ponzi scam through GAWMiners and is currently being investigated by the SEC as well as other Federal agencies. Colonel32 is an alias used by BadBitCoinOrg to shill for Garza. Neal worked for BadBitCoinOrg supposedly to help ferret out schemes and scams in the digital currency world but he pushed Garza’s schemes … Continue reading Neal Rauhauser Comments On

GarzaGate Part 1, A Quick History

From the executive offices of Cantor Fitzgerald to the studios of Bollywood, one of the most ambitious confidence games ever to hit the internet is GarzaGate: the bizarre business contortions of Homero “Josh” Garza and his clusterfuck of companies, websites and grandiose schemes. GarzaGate may not involve the most amount of money swindled from investors but it wins the grand prize in terms of the amount of investors and number of countries involved. And drama. GarzaGAte has got the drama. Lies and broken promises, shattered dreams, betrayal, deceit, collusion, secret deals, death threats, dead bunnies (yes, dead bunnies) and of course, … Continue reading GarzaGate Part 1, A Quick History

3000 Tweets by Badbitcoinblog; March 2014-March 2015

@Badbitcoinblog runs a website that warns the public about digital currency scams. It was thought to be impartial but when Josh Garza and GAW Miners began having problems Badbitcoinblog was in the first line of defense making excuses for GAW, even denying there was an SEC investigation going on.There are a couple tweets to me that I’ve highlighted. By March the SEC investigation was ongoing and Josh Garza had fled the US, ending up in Dubai where he had hopes of starting again. There’s some information going around allegedly from the SEC investigation that Badbitcoinblog was run by an employee of … Continue reading 3000 Tweets by Badbitcoinblog; March 2014-March 2015

Josh Garza Says Good Bye.. For Now. #GarzaGate #Cryptocurrency

This message was left Thursday evening by MrCeo aka Josh Garza on his website, You’ll notice he makes absolutely no mention that he’s the subject of an SEC investigation. Or that the SEC investigation was made public at the same time he says the value of Paycoin started to drop. He also doesn’t mention reneging on payment for his million dollar website which went offline yesterday (May 28th). The short version of his screed is that it’s not his fault and people are mean. MrCEO MrCEO   Good Bye…..For Now It’s time to say good-bye. Good-bye to Paycoin and to … Continue reading Josh Garza Says Good Bye.. For Now. #GarzaGate #Cryptocurrency

More #CryptoCurrency Shenanigans By Josh Garza

The domain was purchased by Josh Garza for a million dollars. He then made an agreement with bitcoinist which put bitcoinist in charge of content on the btc website. Garza, once again, failed to deliver what he promised when he didn’t make payments on the website. The press release below is from bitcoinist. But don’t worry, Josh is now part of CPIG which is working as a guiding light to the “future of cryptocurrency and overcome negative impact of high-visibility public failures within an unstable category.”I’m thinking Josh could best serve the future of cryptocurrency by throwing away … Continue reading More #CryptoCurrency Shenanigans By Josh Garza

Oops! Million Dollar CPIG Web Domain Is Missing! More #Cryptocurrency Conundrums

In August of last year Josh Garza paid a million dollars for the website. Today the website disappeared.Coincidentally, also today was the launch of reservations for the new CoinCard credit card by CPIG. That site is also MIA. These strange happenings could be a repeat of Garza once again changing his mind or Garza once again finding he can’t deliver what he’s promised. Or my hope, that the SEC stepped in and told him to stop. The website for taking coincard reservations sold out pretty quickly which is odd since only reservations were being taken at this time. The actual … Continue reading Oops! Million Dollar CPIG Web Domain Is Missing! More #Cryptocurrency Conundrums

Kiss Your Hash Goodbye, GAW Miners Sold To BTC; Dec 10th, 2014

The investigation that began in January 2015 into Josh Garza and Gaw Miners by the Securities and Exchange Commission could take a year or two. Some of the information leaked from the investigation allege ponzi schemes, money laundering, dark money from black listed (terrorist) groups and more. There’s quite a list of possible crimes and several 3 letter federal organizations are said to now be involved. Gaw Miners made headlines when Garza purchased the domain in August of 2014 for a million dollars. That makes the following document interesting. Below is the GAW Miners Limited Liability Company operating agreement … Continue reading Kiss Your Hash Goodbye, GAW Miners Sold To BTC; Dec 10th, 2014

GAWMiners Trademark Application For ZenCloud Denied Dec 13th, 2014

The document below is GAWMiners trademark application for the name ZenCloud. Had GAWMiners taken a few minutes on the USPTO website to check on the availability of that name they would have seen it was already trademarked. They would have saved themselves the $325 application fee not to mention a possible lawsuit for trademark infringement.Their trademark request for ZenCloud was denied on December 13th, 2014. Continue reading GAWMiners Trademark Application For ZenCloud Denied Dec 13th, 2014

HashTalk Trademark Registration Granted To GAW April 27th, 2015

This post is part of a series showing assorted documents from Genius At Work Corporation.The document here is the trademark certificate for the name HashTalk. The application for the trademark was filed on August 22nd, 2014 and notice of approval sent on December 31st, 2014. It was officially registered on April 21st, 2015.HashTalk is one of two trademarks granted to GAW by the US Patent and Trademark Office out of 23 applications filed. The other trademark granted was for ZenPoints. Continue reading HashTalk Trademark Registration Granted To GAW April 27th, 2015