March For Our Lives, History Being Made #MarchForOurLives

March For Our Lives is something special. It’s sure to be remembered as a pivotal event in American history when hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets in Washington DC and across the country to demand gun control. The march was conceived and organized by the students of Stoneman Douglas school in Parkland, Florida. Their determination to make changes in gun control laws inspired a nation wide, student led movement to insist Congress take action to curb gun violence in America. Saturday will see over 800 sibling marches take place across the country, each one organized by high … Continue reading March For Our Lives, History Being Made #MarchForOurLives

Fake Fox Swedish Expert Linked To Gang Gun Trafficking

Reading about the Fox’s fake Navy Seal reminded me of their Swedish National Security Expert who also turned out to be a fake. I did some research on Nils Bildt aka Nils Tolling back in February but didn’t post it publicly. Now with another Fox Fake in the news I thought I’d put it on IronTroll in case Nils shows up somewhere claiming to be an expert on something. Nils seems to be a shady character and something of a grifter. He’s had several careers based on padding his resume rather than actually being qualified. He was calling himself Dr … Continue reading Fake Fox Swedish Expert Linked To Gang Gun Trafficking

I’m With The Banned

It’s been a week since the mass shooting in Vegas. I’ve been hearing the usual arguments about gun control, preserving the 2nd amendment right to own guns versus the mass shootings that happen almost daily. The outrage over the shootings seems to be dying down already. With the Vegas shootings, America was up to 272 mass shootings in 276 days. Out of those 272 incidents, 152 of them had at least one fatality. Those are completely insane statistics but they mirror the proliferation of guns in America. There most certainly is a correlation between the number of guns owned and … Continue reading I’m With The Banned

#NoBillNoBreak Tweets By Rep John Lewis

An icon of the civil rights movement and a Georgia Representative for nearly 30 years, John Lewis, organized a sit-in in the House of Representatives to force a vote on No Fly, No Buy legislation.  The bill was an outcome of the Orlando shootings, the sit-in was the outcome of Congress refusing to enact any legislation to prevent suspected terrorists from being able to buy guns. John Lewis ‏@repjohnlewis 3h3 hours ago Sometimes you have to get in the way. You have to make some noise by speaking up and speaking out against injustice & inaction #goodtrouble Hoyer Press Shop ‏@HoyerPress 2h2 hours … Continue reading #NoBillNoBreak Tweets By Rep John Lewis

UPDATED, Rise Up Americans, Occupy The House #NoBillNoBreak

UPDATE: More Representatives arrived, it’s estimated there are over 70 Representatives involved in the sit-in. Cameras were ordered turned off by GOP but a few individuals sent out pics and videos. In an act that may be totally unprecedented in Congressional history, thirty House Democrats are waging a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives demanding a vote on a bill to forbid the sale of guns to terrorists. The protest was initiated by Georgia representative, John Lewis, ‘‘Rise up Democrats, rise up Americans. We will occupy this chamber.’’ and prompted Republicans to have the C-Span cameras turned … Continue reading UPDATED, Rise Up Americans, Occupy The House #NoBillNoBreak