Rauhauser Poses As Anonymous; April, 2011

After serving some prison time for his little bombing spree in Indiana, Brett Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber, set up a couple of nonprofit organizations to get revenge on the system that incarcerated him.  One of Kimberlin’s targets was the Chamber of Commerce. This got him on the radar of HB Gary which was exposed when HB Gary was hacked by Anonymous which then got him on the radar of Neal Rauhauser who was looking for somebody infamous to suck up to and something new to screw up.  Kimberlin and Rauhauser should have been a dynamic duo but it turned … Continue reading Rauhauser Poses As Anonymous; April, 2011

Brandon Bots; Updated July, 2018

Below you’ll find most of Brandon’s past and present Twitter and Gab accounts and their current status. Update for July: Now he’s at @obviously_a_bot which has already been locked by Twitter twice for being abusive. We’ll see if this one lasts until the lawsuit is filed by Luzanne Otte and her attorney Lin Wood. Update June 14th: Brandon’s main account, @dirtreyn0lds, was suspended for impersonating another person (@6R0CK) with the intention of deception. Brandon was using the same avatar as @6R0CK, which also happened to be 6R0CK’s face picture. That was another dumb move by Brandon but then, he wasn’t hired by … Continue reading Brandon Bots; Updated July, 2018

Kimberlin Sues Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley

Yes, Another Kimberlin lawsuit.  You’d think Maryland would have declared Brett Kimberlin a vexatious litigant by now.   Kimberlin’s latest filing is a lawsuit against Mitch McConnell and Charles Grassley… really. Because they won’t pick a new supreme court justice to replace the late Scalia and Kimberlin has lawsuits that are very important and require 9 justices. Certainly the Senate should do its job and pick a new judge. Everyone’s aware the SCOTUS selection stonewalling is a partisan political maneuver, hoping the next president will be a conservative and select a conservative judge. Kimberlin’s pretension that his lawsuit will have … Continue reading Kimberlin Sues Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley

9,000 Andie Pauly Tweets

Below are a month’s worth of Andie Pauly tweets, from April until her suspension on May 13th. @tboyddmd I better get ready for church. I am too pure for Twitter! LOL! Have a great day! Now post their national debt. https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6 Venezuela…Socialist PARADISE…running out of…water. https://t.co/NryQqPrXZh https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6 EVERYONE who cares about police should read and share this. If you don’t care about police…you will. https://t.co/9QcWcPgptz @MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD I shared it. Beautiful! Thank you! @MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD You too! Thanks again! RT @Incazzato2015: @NewRBEworld @brucechris24 @andieiamwhoiam BS!!! I’m Italian and ran away from socialism. Go there and try to … Continue reading 9,000 Andie Pauly Tweets

Rauhauser Deleted Twitter Timeline; May, 2016

Here’s Neal Rauhauser’s deleted Twitter timeline for May, 2016 @canadianglen Shylo Acuna might be in line for some sort of award https://t.co/MsB5NHUT19 @canadianglen Isn’t the internet great? You act crazy today, by tonight whole world knows about it, then forgotten by tomorrow. @canadianglen And sometimes you get half a million dollars worth of butthurt and INSIST that everyone pay attention to you. I have this darned @Amazon Prime thing, mostly because I order parts for customers. But there is @Amazon Prime video. I don’t know what to watch. Sampled @OrphanBlack, kind of meh on it. @AllSquareCat We’ve never actually determined … Continue reading Rauhauser Deleted Twitter Timeline; May, 2016

Rauhauser Timeline; April, Part Three

These are Neal Rauhauser’s deleted tweets from April. This is part three @hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Like my #IronTroll victory in 2012, Social Engineering Special Olympics #SESO recognizes the reality of 2016 @hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat #SESO contestants say #facepalm stupid crap in my open DMs. I used to play cat/mouse with them, but no more. @hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Drama recycling is a common #SESO tactic. Something irrelevant in 2013 probably hasn’t aged well, eh? @hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Here’s a recent #SESO contestant: https://t.co/hfNn1kRZd3 @hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Background on that is one of Kathy Scott’s partisans paid me to examine her troubles late last year. @hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat … Continue reading Rauhauser Timeline; April, Part Three

Rauhauser Twitter Timeline; March, 2016 Part Two

These are Neal Rauhauser’s tweets from the second half of March, 2016. @basedrum1 Yes, @TAILS_live is well maintained, but it’s not appropriate in all circumstances. @Whonix & @QubesOS offer different features. RT @killerandfiller: Rally Time. Let’s go, Ohio! #FeelTheBern #OhioPrimary https://t.co/vwwLiqoWfw RT @OhioGanja: Let’s go Columbus!!! https://t.co/z3ScLoQREy RT @NEO4Bernie: Trump worries about @BernieSanders folks at his rallies? Who, us? Look how well behaved we were!! https://t.co/JVyK72n8XE RT @SandersForIL: Socrates was tried on two charges: corrupting the youth and impiety. #FeelTheBern RT @dogthefootsteps: seems like ages ago @joshtpm wrote about the decreased lifespan of middle aged white people & this election … Continue reading Rauhauser Twitter Timeline; March, 2016 Part Two

On The FBI Raid, Barrett Brown Pastebin; March 7, 2012

The following was posted on pastebin in March of 2012 the day after the mother of Barret Brown’s home was raided. Barrett was eventually arrested on September 12th, 2012.  In 2015 he finally went to court after pleading guilty to charges of transmitting threats, accessory to a cyber-attack, and obstruction of justice. He was given a five-year prison term and ordered to pay nearly $900,000 in restitution and fines.   Barrett Brown : As I have noted, the FBI raided my apartment in Dallas on the morning of March 6th. I was not there at the time; I had been given a … Continue reading On The FBI Raid, Barrett Brown Pastebin; March 7, 2012

Last Tweets Of The Late Zena 2.0

Zena PatSainte, queen of stolen Avi pictures, lost another account. These are her final tweets. RT @KingDSeals: @Nettaaaaaaaa tell Essence and Twitter the truth nobody in this city knows who the fuck u are. #FaceOfTwitterFrauds https:/… RT @angelijka8: @Zena_2point_0 @sawmilltaters @SheliJ @MeaganMacha Woman who you do not want to piss off on twitter. Beware 🙂 @angelijka8 @sawmilltaters @SheliJ @MeaganMacha Not to mention Angelijka8! 😈❤️ @sawmilltaters @angelijka8 @SheliJ @MeaganMacha 👍🏻 @Black_lies2016 @J_Fab_1 grinding or meth RT @scrowder: The real rape culture. #Colonge #refugeeswelcome #sweden https://t.co/i6uGhHirHh https://t.co/wW6bQGHPQ8 RT @angelijka8: Read this. Makes my point https://t.co/w02XJS5EyP @LeeTrumpster @sheilerrrlove He’s an asshole and a … Continue reading Last Tweets Of The Late Zena 2.0