Fake Fox Swedish Expert Linked To Gang Gun Trafficking

Reading about the Fox’s fake Navy Seal reminded me of their Swedish National Security Expert who also turned out to be a fake. I did some research on Nils Bildt aka Nils Tolling back in February but didn’t post it publicly. Now with another Fox Fake in the news I thought I’d put it on IronTroll in case Nils shows up somewhere claiming to be an expert on something. Nils seems to be a shady character and something of a grifter. He’s had several careers based on padding his resume rather than actually being qualified. He was calling himself Dr … Continue reading Fake Fox Swedish Expert Linked To Gang Gun Trafficking

Mexican President Nieto Joins #TheResistance UPDATED

UPDATE: Trump always has to get the last word. Since Nieto canceled the meeting this morning, Trump is threatening 20 % tariff on Mexican imports. This of course would mean higher prices for consumers.  Mexico is America’s second largest customer for the export of our goods. If they imposed a tariff on us in retaliation, which can be expected, once again it would be American citizens who suffer for it. “““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““ “Mexico offers and demands respect, as the fully sovereign Nation we are.” said Mexican President, Pena Nieto on Twitter last night. To reinforce his statement, this morning he cancelled … Continue reading Mexican President Nieto Joins #TheResistance UPDATED