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American Hostage 2.0, JoJo Camp To Be Released Soon

I’m sorry to say that JoJo Camp had his parole hearing yesterday. While there’s no word on whether parole was granted, he’s already scheduled to be released November 25th. JoJo had multiple charges filed against him after assaulting the female mime he was managing and living with. He received a 3 year sentence but had already spent over a year

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Bless your little heart but no, a Cease and Desist letter does not mean you should start posting screen captures showing that you’re the actual victim and the other person is the villain. Because if you’re doing that you’re neither ceasing or desisting, you’re actually continuing. You might want to ignore what Disbarred Lawyer says and check the definition carefully

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A Devil Of A Mime; JoJo Camp Denied Parole

JoJo Camp, world famous mime wrangler and strangler, was denied parole last week in Colorado. You may recall that JoJo was sentenced earlier this year for numerous charges, including stalking and assaulting a Mime. JoJo, eternal entrepreneur that he is, was a Mime Manager, bound and determined to take the Mime world by storm with his young protégé, Mikki The

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