UPDATE: JoJo Camp Released Early

I reported that JoJo Camp was denied parole, that was a conclusion I came to after reading his court docket. In fact, JoJo was released early, despite being a repeat offender and having violated the last early release he was given several years ago. JoJo was scheduled to be released on Thanksgiving. This was JoJo’s 3rd timeout in prison. One can only hope he’s been rehabilitated or become tired of being a repeat offender.  Or at least finds a new hairstyle.   Continue reading UPDATE: JoJo Camp Released Early

American Hostage 2.0, JoJo Camp To Be Released Soon

I’m sorry to say that JoJo Camp had his parole hearing yesterday. While there’s no word on whether parole was granted, he’s already scheduled to be released November 25th. JoJo had multiple charges filed against him after assaulting the female mime he was managing and living with. He received a 3 year sentence but had already spent over a year in jail for his trial.  Considering the plotting I heard in the recordings of his jail house phone conversations with Sue Basko, I certainly wouldn’t let him out early. Regardless of when he’s released, expect him, and his new hairdo, … Continue reading American Hostage 2.0, JoJo Camp To Be Released Soon

JoJo Camp To Be Released In 6 Months

  The infamous Mime Strangler, JoJo Camp is scheduled to be released at Christmas time this year. The time sure flew by. JoJo is up for parole in September but it’s hoped Colorado will make him serve his full sentence since he’s proven he can’t stop stalking and harassing others.  Another blog reported that JoJo had a major victory in court so there’s been some alarm that JoJo might be out of prison already. This isn’t true.  While incarcerated, JoJo kept himself busy by filing motion after motion with the Colorado court. Egged on in his fantasies by his dear … Continue reading JoJo Camp To Be Released In 6 Months