Randy Credico; The Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Randy Credico was named by Roger Stone as his back channel to Julian Assange. This caused Credico to be subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee to testify about his relationship with Assange. Credico pleaded the Fifth (Amendment) so the appearance never happened.  Credico was also subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury by Mueller. Credico claims that he had no access to Assange and was not a back channel for Stone. That Stone has been leaking cherry picked text messages trying to incriminate Credico. According to Credico, Mueller has all the text messages and that Stone is desperate to … Continue reading Randy Credico; The Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Ecuador Gives Assange Another Time Out

The government of Ecuador cut off outside communication access for Julian Assange last night. A guest of the Ecuadorian embassy who has overstayed his welcome, Assange violated a written agreement he had with Ecuador where he was to avoid making statements on social media that might jeopardize Ecuador’s relationships with other countries. Assange signed the agreement with Ecuador last year as a condition to getting his internet access restored after it was cut off in October for comments he made on social media. Unfortunately yesterday Assange used Twitter to reply to a UK foreign affairs minister who called Assange a … Continue reading Ecuador Gives Assange Another Time Out

Manifesto Of Sanguinarious; July, 2016

This is Sang’s official declaration of who he blocked on Twitter and why. As a Hacker who used to advertise his services on Twitter, Sang doesn’t tell you is that he asked the FBI if he could be an informant, was given an “audition”, but didn’t make the cut.  His Sanguinarious  Twitter  account has since been suspended. Grand Exalted Troll · @Sanguinarious  16th Jul 2016 from TwitLonger About My Blocks 7/16/2016 —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA256 Since I have blocked hundreds of people and I have proudly purged a 1/3 of the people from my twitter followers, I figure it would be time … Continue reading Manifesto Of Sanguinarious; July, 2016

Alt Right Claims Baywatch Babe Pamela Poisoned WikiLeaks Julian Assange

0Hour, is an Alt Right Trump troll who passes himself off as a member of Anonymous even though he’s dumb as a stump with no skillz of his own. 0Hour loves to spread any rumor or bit of gossip he finds on the internet and pass it off as his own intel from secret sources.  Besides his recent pizzagate goofiness, he’s claiming that Julian Assange was poisoned by Pamela Anderson via a Vegan Sandwich.  Seriously. What actually happened is Julian abused the hospitality of the Ecuadorian embassy where he’s been hiding out for the past couple years and the embassy … Continue reading Alt Right Claims Baywatch Babe Pamela Poisoned WikiLeaks Julian Assange

Tunde Reid-Kapo Interview at GenCon 2014

Tunde Reid-Kapo is the individual behind the attempted frame of Julian Assange using the ToddandClare.com website. The video below the break shows him being interviewed at GenCon about his Yamie Chess game. Reid-Kapo is essentially a conman as well as a bit truth challenged. In the video below the break he’s promoting his Yamie chess game and claims Jennifer Shahade designed it but he didn’t meet Shahade until 2013 and the games been around since 2010.  Tunde has been marketing Yamie Chess since he created his company in England. His business went through 4 name changes until it closed in … Continue reading Tunde Reid-Kapo Interview at GenCon 2014

Todd And Clare, Julian Assange And The Duchess Of Cornwall

In case you missed it, the short version of the ToddAndClare.com-Julian Assange-Wikileaks-Pedophile scandal is:  the owners of a dating website called ToddAndClare.com contacted Julian Assange and offered him a million dollars if he’d do a commercial for them. Assange’s attorney turned them down and not long afterward Todd and Clare sent a letter to the United Nations. In their long, rambling letter (pretty good for dyslexics) they mentioned that Assange was under investigation in the Bahamas for online pedophiliac behavior. Things got weirder… It turns out there was no investigation in the Bahamas and the eye witness they named knew nothing about the … Continue reading Todd And Clare, Julian Assange And The Duchess Of Cornwall