Nut Jobs Come In All Flavors

Which one of the Right Wing Nut Jobs above do you think said the following? “I was getting more and more into politics, I started researching deeper into stuff like the Free Masons, Illuminati, The Committee of 300, etc. It made me angry, it changed the way I lived my life and the way I saw the world.” Who did you guess? There’s Ted Cruz, Alex Jones and Rand Paul in the picture, any one of them could have said it. Conspiracy theories involving the Free Masons or Illuminati or Jews are a staple in the belief systems of many members of … Continue reading Nut Jobs Come In All Flavors

A Tweet From The Great Beyond; Junaid Hussain aka TriCK Sept, 2015

Junaid Hussain was a British hacker who joined ISIS and was killed this year by a dronestrike on August 26th.  Though Hussain used the account @_teamP0ison and later @_AbuHu55ain, it looks like he also had an account under his hacker name @TriCK.The @TriCK account went silent years ago until recently it responded to random conversation that mentioned his account. That tweet was on September 10th,  2 weeks after Junaid was killed.Spooky <div class="tweet js-stream-tweet js-actionable-tweet js-profile-popup-actionable ancestor hidden-ancestor last-hidden-ancestor permalink-ancestor-tweet js-disable-expando-descendants js-disable-inline-tweetbox " data-component-context="conversation" data-disclosure-type="" data-expanded-footer=" 2:44 PM – 10 Sep 2015 · Details ” data-follows-you=”false” data-item-id=”642046007895658496″ data-mentions=”twitter” data-name=”Patrick Jarrett” data-permalink-path=”/trickjarrett/status/642046007895658496″ … Continue reading A Tweet From The Great Beyond; Junaid Hussain aka TriCK Sept, 2015

Irony and Junaid Hussain aka @TriCk; November, 2007

Judain Hussain was a hacker who went by the name of @triCk on Twitter. He joined ISIS and was killed in a drone strike in August 2015. __trick‏@trick @Rociel is that because you a) been to Jakarta or b) tracked down and killed a hacker? I don’t yet know how tough the Indonese hax0rs are.8:25 PM – 1 Nov 2007 Lawrence Sica @lomifeh@trick not really, the food is lousy i hear Miles @roiciel@Trick: I didn’t kill him <3 Continue reading Irony and Junaid Hussain aka @TriCk; November, 2007

Shmoop and Isis

In case you’re wondering what all the drama with Shmoop is about, it was summarized in a comment on the Libel Blahg. And of course Neal has to give his two cents worth.A life lesson, choose your friends wisely.As for Neal’s comment on the same blog, The FBI were close in their assessment that Neal is a psychopath. Actually he was clinically diagnosed as having Narcissistic Personality Disorder… Not that hard to guess. Continue reading Shmoop and Isis