Neal Visits CJs Blog; Jan 25th, 2016

CJ is one of the women for whom the Kate Gosselin haters crossed over the line between free speech on the internet to In Real Life harassment. CJ has a popular blog called o and a with cj and Neal Rauhauser stopped by for a visit.  Since Neal has harassed CJ in the past, there;s absolutely no sane reason why Neal would be visiting her blog except to troll…but Neal got trolled back much harder.I’m curious about Neal’s remark about how Cryptostorm deals with troublemakers… Neal Rauhauser • Reality TV skank Kate Gosselin long ago discarded James McGibney, mostly because she was … Continue reading Neal Visits CJs Blog; Jan 25th, 2016

Kelly Osbourne and EmeraldCityJazz

This is only one tweet but too good to allow it to be lost forever. The “weird twitter rampage” has been going on for years. Lora Lusher aka EmeraldCityJazz, like the rest of the Kate Gosselin haters, thinks everyone is interested in her crusade.Perhaps someday Lora and friends will realize nobody else cares…because it’s petty, stupid and yes, weird.The original tweet is here Continue reading Kelly Osbourne and EmeraldCityJazz

Tweets By Retzlaff As MrTexxxan

@MrTexxxan was an account run by Thomas Retzlaff. For some reason Retzlaff claimed to be one of the administrators of the revenge porn site and This got him an interview on the air with Anderson Cooper.Retzlaff has posted pictures on revenge porn sites (including pics of his daughter) and he’s owned a lot of porn but he’s never owned a porn website. Continue reading Tweets By Retzlaff As MrTexxxan

The Obsession Of Finndango

These tweets were scraped on April 11, 2015 from the timeline of @finndango aka Tami Vaher. There are 3,043 tweets including her retweets.  Tami is one of the Kate Gosselin haters. She thinks Gosselin is a child abuser.With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of keywords in Tami Vaher tweets: toddler is mentioned 7 times  babies is mentioned 7 child abuse is mentioned 11 times children is mentioned 31 times kids is mentioned 246 times Jon is mentioned 97 Gosselin is mention 105 times; The word Kate is mentioned: 1,630 times Her tweets and retweets included Gosselin’s account @kateplusmy8:  1,136 times … Continue reading The Obsession Of Finndango

More Deleted SoNotJenny Tweets

The Twitter account SoNotJenny PMK was originally PimpMyKids before it was suspended. She’s been a Kate Gosselin troll for many years and is mentioned on the Bullyville website. TeamTR mentioned in the first tweet below refers to Thomas Retzlaff the defendant in the ViaView (Bullyville) lawsuit in California. Several of the K8H8ers have teamed up with serial stalker Retzlaff despite his extensive criminal history. Continue reading More Deleted SoNotJenny Tweets

PimpMyKids Returns

@PimpMyKids was one of the nastiest Gosselin trolls on Twitter. She’s back as @SoNotJenny. She’s deleted about half her tweets already so I’ve posted some of them here. Psych! Thu Apr 02 22:18:49 +0000 2015 @ZiLeOHai @IthacaCamp And one last thing: Nancy is the stupidest FailDox ever. Thu Apr 02 22:18:17 +0000 2015 @ZiLeOHai @IthacaCamp You can stop tweeting me now. You’re not worthy. Thu Apr 02 22:16:58 +0000 2015 @ZiLeOHai @IthacaCamp Oh you’re so tricky! See the pic? See the name? Kinda dense, eh? Thu Apr 02 22:15:18 +0000 2015 @ZiLeOHai @IthacaCamp And wtf does that three year … Continue reading PimpMyKids Returns

OccupyRebellion Gossipping Like @DarrahFord

Darrah Ford was a major gossip. @OccupyRebellion aka Sheridan is just as bad. Below you’ll find tweets from both of them talking about Denise Richards. They both hate Kate Gosselin, both love Denise. Darrah Ford‏@DarrahFord @awesomeness_jen But Denise only had them on the show like a minute a week. Her father was actually the star of that show!10:43 PM – 23 Apr 2010 Darrah Ford @darrahford “John & Kate” entire reality show is about the 8 kids. While Denise Richard’s show was mainly about Denise.Her father was the breakout star! Darrah Ford @darrahford Remember the court papers where Denise asked … Continue reading OccupyRebellion Gossipping Like @DarrahFord

Finndango The Troll, 2011

Tami Vaher…obviously lurking on Gosselin’s timeline so she can troll her fans. In this conversation she trolls 15 year old Emily and 16 year old Paige.This dialogue took place in 2011 when Tami Vaher’s Twitter account was @ashymama2. Now she’s @Finndango and since Twitter name changes go retroactive you’ll see tweets TO @ashymama2 answered by @Finndango. Emily ‏@emilykateplus8 9 Apr 2011 im #determined to get replies from @Kateplusmy8 [: Kate GosselinVerified account‏@Kateplusmy8 @emilykateplus8 Hello Emily. Good to meet you… 🙂 Emily‏@emilykateplus8 @Paige_Kate8lvr @kateplusmy8 Kate, I would probably cry if I even talked to you. You have NO idea how inspiring … Continue reading Finndango The Troll, 2011

A Conversation With Kate Haters

An interesting Twitter conversation as Steph Martin aka @neverletyoupart tries to use logic and common sense with Kate Gosselin haters.Logic and common sense doesn’t work on people who obsess on celebrities. That’s why celebrities hire bodyguards. Steph Martin @neverletyoupart ・4 Jul 2014 An accusation before believing that @Kateplusmy8starves her kids,denies them water&beats them “within an inch of their lives”?I mean RLY. Reply“RetweetFavorite Steph Martin @neverletyoupart ・4 Jul 2014 @Chablis4u @Kateplusmy8 the thing where Mady asked for water and Kate said not now? The way ppl talk it’s like she DENIES them water. Saying Reply“RetweetFavorite Steph Martin @neverletyoupart ・4 Jul 2014 @Chablis4u @Kateplusmy8 not now, were about to go on the air, … Continue reading A Conversation With Kate Haters