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Oops! Thomas Retzlaff Outs Himself As Johnny Swift

The following comments by Thomas Retlaff’s alias Johnny Swift were taken from Disqus. The google cache of the bio page for the Johnny Swift account has Facebook and Twitter links. The Facebook link is dead but the Twitter link goes to Retzlaff’s @klansmann account. Check it out here.  Discussion on Radar Online 102 commentsKitchen Nightmares Waitress Speaks Out On ‘Hated’ Restaurant

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Thomas Retzlaff as @Klansmann Insults @Brandipassante, @DonLemonCNN, @NikWallenda, Women, AfricanAmericans and Jesus In 10 Tweets

The Amazing Thomas Retzlaff is well rounded in his hate. The @klansmann is 100% verified as belonging to Retzlaff. Here he tweets to Brandi Passante of Storage Wars, CNN newscaster Don Lemon, and Nik Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas. @Klansmann 1 yr agoDoS PostEffect @Huntermoore I masturbate all the time while looking at @Brandipassante 24/7. luv her naked pics, 2. @Klansmann 1

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