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Chet Uber Talks With Zephyr, Neal Rauhauser and OsborneInk

Here we have Chet, the director of Project Vigilant, in a group discussion. Participants include Zapem (Joanne Joy) using her Zephyr account, Neal as Kookpocalypse and OsborneInk. @ZEPHYR5_ @OsborneInk Nice of @ChetUber to admit Michelle never said she was FBI either. He misunderstood. I got that in writing too. @ChetUber @ZEPHYR5_ @OsborneInk To be very clear that is the least

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Nothing To See Here, Neal Rauhauser Post; Jan 7, 2013

This post by Neal Rauhauser was done on the raincoaster tumbler blog. He mentions the Protectors again, the mysterious Hacktivist group that only talked to Neal and Brett Kimberlin. He also mentions SWATgate and tries to deflect his involvement in SWATgate.  7TH JANUARY 2013 NOTHING TO SEE HERE 2 ABT2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YZ_bupBM7GY Some teatards started bothering me during the 2010 election.

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Rauhauser As Kookpocalypse Rants About Bullyville November 14th, 2013

Neal had a mad.  This location is not now nor has it ever been a mobile home. But Matt Osborne told James McGibney he’d lived in one. pic.twitter.com/y92bH29qMYKookpocalypse 7:23am via Web So McGibney gets a scrap of disinfo on Osborne, and promptly admits a direct connection to a targeted abuse account posing as MO’s mom.Kookpocalypse 7:24am via Web How many

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Neal Rauhauser Sends Beca Tobin A Package November 2013

Beca Tobin was a celebrity spokesperson for Bullyville. This made her a target for Neal Rauhauser in his campaign to discredit James McGibney, Bullyville and it’s parent company, ViaView.Below Neal as Kookpocalypse discusses shipping a package to Ms Tobin.Neal has this idea in his head that everyone wants to get info packages from him full of screen captures of tweets

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Timelines, Deleted Blog Post by Neal Rauhauser; November 3, 2012

The following is a deleted post from Neal’s blog. It’s from November of 2012 and lists many of his favorite conspiracies. I’ve left his links to other posts active though I think they’ve all been deleted. Neal Rauhauser Hypertrolling The Wingnutosphere Since 2010! Timelines If you look in Meet The Cast you will find that this is a blog about people. Each

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