KYAnonymous Is Too Dumb To Internet

Wannabe Hacker, Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous, was sent to prison two months early for being too dumb to internet. Scheduled to turn himself in to start serving his 2 year sentence, Lostutter had a court order forbidding him from accessing the internet directly or indirectly. It was that “INDIRECTLY” word that Deric didn’t get. Sometimes English is hard. Lostutter’s wife posted a picture on Instagram with Deric flipping the bird. This was considered accessing the internet indirectly because Deric was accessing the internet indirectly. The still shot posted by his wife was taken at the same time Jenny made a … Continue reading KYAnonymous Is Too Dumb To Internet

Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous Sentenced Today

Justice has been served. Today, Deric Lostutter aka @KYAnonymous, was given a 2 year sentence for being a fame whore. Deric pleaded guilty to charges of lying to an FBI agent and conspiring to hack a website.  While many people believe Lostutter was a hero during the Steubenville drama, the truth is that he inserted himself into the situation at Steubenville, lied about what was happening, and then used the drama he manufactured to try and become rich and famous.  Lostutter’s actions after Steubenville were even more telling as he cashed in on his 15 minutes of fame by granting lots … Continue reading Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous Sentenced Today