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Santa’s Naughty List For 2015

These are the naughtiest kids on Santa’s Naughty List 2015 and why they’re on it. The K8 H8ers: Tami, Lora, Jen and all the others for spending way too much time in their crusade to “Save the Gosselin Kids” by bashing their mother Kate and attacking her fans. Brandon King: a Total Tool Chet Uber: earlier this year Chet admitted he is a

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Happy 50th Birthday Andie Pauly! Anus n Andie Reunited

Happy birthday to Andie Pauly! She turns 50 years old December 20th! A half a century! Like many Black women, she doesn’t show her age! A birthday so close to Christmas is extra special. Maybe if she wishes real hard the Birthday Fairy and Santa Claus will pitch in together and give her a totally White Christmas.For her 50th birthday it

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A Really BIG Sheep In Wolf Clothing

It turns out that hacker and White Knight SgtBilko420 aka LoneWolfAttacks is a Wanted Man.He was at one time White Knighting for Tara to protect her from harassment and have Revenge Porn taken down. He turned to the dark side when she spurned his “love” and he started posting her nudes and harassing her which included posting threats of violence

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Lone Wolf Is Very Very Mad. DDoS Me Bro

Right now, at this very second, I am being DDoSed by Lone Wolf. He’s sending his bot net to opuniteblue to try and overload the server. He so silly.OpUniteBlue.com aka IronTroll.com are hosted on Blogger… As I wrote this, an hour ago, page views were around 700 for the day. Then they shot up to over 69,000 Then 15 minutes later as

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Catfish Gary Trolls For Men; 2005

DV8TN was one of the online names used by revenge pornographer and wife beater, Gary LaFollette. It was his MySpace account name and he also used it to catfish online.  For men.In 2005, Gary apparently created a porn site on blogger posing as a 22 year old woman looking for men who wanted to talk about sex via email.I hope Gary doesn’t

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White Supremacist Azzmador on Disqus

Robert Warren Ray aka Bobby Ray aka Azzmador. What can I say?Why is is that White Supremacists tend to be middle aged, overweight, underemployed men with prison records?   Obama: We Reject ‘Deplorable Anti-Semitism,’ ‘Offensive Stereotypes of Muslims’Azzmador bigdfromgb 9 months ago It’s cute how stupid you are… 1 ReplyView in discussionAzzmador bigdfromgb 9 months ago Ad hominem just makes

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