Kelly Osbourne and EmeraldCityJazz

This is only one tweet but too good to allow it to be lost forever. The “weird twitter rampage” has been going on for years. Lora Lusher aka EmeraldCityJazz, like the rest of the Kate Gosselin haters, thinks everyone is interested in her crusade.Perhaps someday Lora and friends will realize nobody else cares…because it’s petty, stupid and yes, weird.The original tweet is here Continue reading Kelly Osbourne and EmeraldCityJazz

EmeraldCityJazz, OccupyRebellion And Bullyville

EmeraldCityJazz is Lora Lusher, one of the more rabid Kate Gosselin Haters. Here ECJ retweets the notorious troll OccupyRebellion who is ranting about James McGibney aka Bullyville. @EmeraldCityJazz 1 yr agoDoS PostEffect RT @OccupyRebellion: Someone who makes his living destroying people’s lives with no proof is now blackmailing & extorting women on h … @EmeraldCityJazz 1 yr ago RT @OccupyRebellion: Who would have thought Mr. “anti-bully” is KING of all bullies.But u dragged #Anonymous into a fed target based on … @EmeraldCityJazz 1 yr ago RT @OccupyRebellion: I don’t care about either of you but I care about the people who are gullible to … Continue reading EmeraldCityJazz, OccupyRebellion And Bullyville

Just a Few Days of EmeraldCityJazz Tweets

Below are a few days worth of Lora Lusher tweets as EmeraldCityJazz that were scraped using the keyword “McGibney”.  Notice all her tweets to Anderson Cooper and the USMC to complain that she’s being bullied.The EmeraldCityJazz account is long suspended, like most extremists, she wasn’t able to recognize when she crossed the line between Concerned to Obsessed and from Anger to Abuse. @EmeraldCityJazz 1 yr ago @GosselinBook One woman Bullyville founder James McGibney is bullying is a combat vet. He can’t claim he didn’t know b/c he knows EVERYTHING @EmeraldCityJazz 1 yr ago @GosselinBook FYI: One of the women Bullyville founder James … Continue reading Just a Few Days of EmeraldCityJazz Tweets

1400 tweets by EmeraldCityJazz; Deleted Pastebin Sep 26-Oct 17, 2013

These tweets are from pastebin, they were from the emeraldcityjazz twitter account of Lora Lusher before is was suspended.It’s absolutely astounding how much time she spends tweeting about Kate Gosselin and her supporters. 1400 tweets by EmeraldCityJazz Sep 26-Oct 17 @bitemeaholes @Support #Kateplusmy8 They have extremely limited vocabularies. Uneducated. Fri Oct 18 02:08:32 +0000 2013 @bitemeaholes @ANONYMOUSE_CAT @hatinglife1979 @Clever_Name2010 Chancer is a veteran truther, good person to be “accused’ of being! Fri Oct 18 01:58:56 +0000 2013 RT @Sh1tTheGOPsays: Ted Cruz says he wants the American people to rise up. Don’t let him down, non stop pressure until he is … Continue reading 1400 tweets by EmeraldCityJazz; Deleted Pastebin Sep 26-Oct 17, 2013

Neal Rauhauser and K8 H8er Tweets; October 11, 2013

Neal does love his little intrigues @NealRauhauser I am curious if Kate Gosselin might also be a Lexicon customer. But since @EmeraldCityJazz obsessively monitors her mentions … @NealRauhauser @EmeraldCityJazz Lexicon PR handles Bullyville, Becca Tobin, I wonder if KG also, and if so they have a hand in the lawsuit famefagging. @EmeraldCityJazz @NealRauhauser Ah, I see. Thanks! @ashymama2 @NealRauhauser @EmeraldCityJazz I’m sure someone will find out now : ) Continue reading Neal Rauhauser and K8 H8er Tweets; October 11, 2013