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Oops! Thomas Retzlaff Outs Himself As Johnny Swift

The following comments by Thomas Retlaff’s alias Johnny Swift were taken from Disqus. The google cache of the bio page for the Johnny Swift account has Facebook and Twitter links. The Facebook link is dead but the Twitter link goes to Retzlaff’s @klansmann account. Check it out here.  Discussion on Radar Online 102 commentsKitchen Nightmares Waitress Speaks Out On ‘Hated’ Restaurant

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Thomas Retzlaff as Klansmann Calls Miss America A Darkie Monkey

Here’s Thomas Retzlaff  as @Klansmann expressing his racist opinions of Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri.Though her parents are from India, Miss Davuluri was born in New York. She is an American. @Klansmann @PublicShaming I hate this beaner #MissAmerica Send her back to mexico or wherever. maybe she can work for Apo. @Klansmann @kwan_rokas @pizzo_nick Hooray for Nick!! Keeping American white &

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James McGibney Court Affidavit Oct 12, 2014; Tom Retzlaff Exposed;

In this court declaration filed on October 12th, 2014 by James McGibney, you see something of the investigation into Thomas Retzlaff. You also get an idea of what the McGibney family and other victims have had to endure from sociopath Retzlaff. JASON S. LEIDERMAN, SBN 203336jay@criminal-lawyer.meLAW OFFICES OF JAY LEIDERMAN5740 Ralston Street, Suite 300Ventura, California 93003Tel: 805-654-0200Fax: 805-654-0280Attorney for Plaintiffs

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