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Thomas Retzlaff Punks Anderson Cooper; January, 2013

Trolls like to say outrageous, inflammatory things to generate emotional responses. They do this for kicks, it gives them a thrill to create upset. Thomas Retzlaff is a major troll, he’s been doing it full time for years but for him it’s more than thrills, it’s also sexual.Tom punked the Anderson Cooper Live show by passing himself off as James

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Tweets By Retzlaff As MrTexxxan

@MrTexxxan was an account run by Thomas Retzlaff. For some reason Retzlaff claimed to be one of the administrators of the revenge porn site texxxan.com and myex.com. This got him an interview on the air with Anderson Cooper.Retzlaff has posted pictures on revenge porn sites (including pics of his daughter) and he’s owned a lot of porn but he’s never owned

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