Sang Haz Ur (SSN) Number

This IRC chat involving Nachash and Sanguinarious Rose (William Welna) is from many, many years ago. Way back when Sang and Girl Friday were an eCouple, before she dumped him and ended up with his hard drive with IRC logs like the one below. In this log, Nachash is aware that Sang has access to Social Security Numbers and Sang admits that he does have access through a friend. The IRC log dates back to a time before Neal Rauhauser became Sang’s buddy after Sang had considered Neal an enemy for years. It’s back before Sang and Zapem (Joanne Joy) … Continue reading Sang Haz Ur (SSN) Number

Rauhauser Rants; August 18th, 2013

This is the final Screencap from Neal Rauhauser’s epic blog post Anatomy of an FBI Sting Operation of August, 2013. He rewrote the post several times during the evening as he attempted to convince the world he was the victim of a conspiracy.  As he changed the blog post he had a Twitter audience that mocked and criticized his silly attempt to talk his way out of a mess that he created. Continue reading Rauhauser Rants; August 18th, 2013

BaddAssLawyerTx and loldoxbin; January 2015

The Badass Texas lawyer continues his quest to find loldoxbin. this timeline is from January, 2015 VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 15Now that hunting season is about over, I can turn my attention back to destroying the life of @loldoxbin nachash ‏@loldoxbin · Jan 16.@BadassLawyerTX Please, continue your campaign of impotent wailing and issuing death threats. I’d like to get you suspended again VanDyke Law Firm ‏@BadassLawyerTX · Jan 16@loldoxbin I have an offer for you: You can either stop posting my personal information. Or I can take matters into my hands. Up to you Khris ‏@itiskhris · Jan … Continue reading BaddAssLawyerTx and loldoxbin; January 2015

Kelly And Ron Discuss Nachash and Barrett Brown

Kelly and Ron chat about Nachash and Barrett Brown. Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn 24 Aug 2013 Who was supposed to protect @BarrettBrownLOL from cartels? The FBI who targeted him and then went after his mom? @whatthethe1@Bitchiest Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest 24 Aug 2013 @ronbryn @BarrettBrownLOL @whatthethe1 Y did the idiot TARGET cartels in the 1st fucking place? Especially since THEY provided him w/HEROIN Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn 24 Aug 2013 Your absurd accusations against @BarrettBrownLOL TOTALLY explain why you would later help him. You’re a hoaxer. @Bitchiest@whatthethe1 Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest 24 Aug 2013 @ronbryn @BarrettBrownLOL @whatthethe1 Ive NEVER helped him Ive NEVER liked … Continue reading Kelly And Ron Discuss Nachash and Barrett Brown

Nachash And Revenge Porn Site Pink Meth

For anyone who wasn’t aware, or didn’t believe, that Nachash aka @doxbin aka @loldoxbin was connected to the revenge porn site PinkMeth.There is currently an FBI investigation being conducted into SWATtings and doxings that were posted on a website. Coincidentally, the website Doxbin was seized by the FBI in November of last year. Original: Tweetsave: archivetoday: wayback machine: Continue reading Nachash And Revenge Porn Site Pink Meth

Chat Log With Nachash And Neal Rauhauser

In this chatlog, Neal Rauhauser is @chr000t. He gives details to Nachash and Schmoop about several amazing conspiracies that revolve around him.Neal was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If you aren’t familiar with NPD, reading @chr000t should give you an idea.  Neal is convinced Brandon Darby is the SWAT caller, Anthony Weiner was set up and Mitt Romney’s campaign team was behind SWATgate.Neal Rauhauser has always been the number 1 suspect for orchestrating the SWATtings. 04:57:05 |-INFO > nachash [nachash@doxbinumfxfyytnh.onion] has joined #triforce04:57:05 [Users #triforce]04:57:05 [@chr000t] [ nachash] 04:57:05 |-INFO > Irssi: #triforce: Total of 2 nicks [1 ops, 0 … Continue reading Chat Log With Nachash And Neal Rauhauser

Project Onymous, Doxbin And SWATtings

As someone on the other end of the political spectrum, Robert Stacy McCain has opinions and beliefs I don’t agree with and some I find offensive. But I wouldn’t characterize him as a liar. In his July 9th post he revealed there’s an ongoing Federal investigation into SWATtings and that the investigation is being aided by an informant.  In light of this information, the conversation below might be of interest.On November 5th and 6th of 2014, a major law enforcement op called Project Onymous took down 27 websites which included PinkMeth, a revenge porn site, and Doxbin, a site dedicated to the posting … Continue reading Project Onymous, Doxbin And SWATtings